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  1. docindoyle

    Radiator replacement

  2. docindoyle

    another dual sport?? for MI 450x owners.

    Not sure why. I have Progressive on all 3 of my conversion bikes. Actually thought about canceling the insurance because our township allows us to ride on the side of the roads now.
  3. docindoyle

    450x decompressor

    Got mine done. Pretty painless. Went to the dealership on a Thursday, they had parts on the following Monday. Set up an appt. for that Thursday and was done in a couple hours. I can't complain.
  4. docindoyle

    450x decompressor

    I got my recall notice today. Problem is, mine failed the 1st month and 100 miles I owned it. Had an independant fix it over 2 years ago and haven't had a problem since.So do I let the dealer in there and risk loosing a better part and leave it alone or go for the supposedly upgraded one..
  5. docindoyle

    Tire's (What do you put on your 450X)

    Dunlop Geomax MX 51 front and rear.
  6. docindoyle

    rad guards. Sorry but have too ask

    You will get what you pay for! Order the cages. Which ever brand you choose. Anything but the Works Connections for me.
  7. docindoyle

    Honda 08 CRF450X Decompression problem

    Seems to have cured it. I have about 3500-4000 miles on the bike now. Haven't had a wrench on it again. It will come apart this winter to have the valves and top end checked.
  8. docindoyle

    Heads up for DST Dual sport "Barely Legal Kits"

    Croswell. East side of the thumb..
  9. docindoyle

    Heads up for DST Dual sport "Barely Legal Kits"

  10. docindoyle

    my new 08 450x

    I believe after '08 the baffle is fixed". Welded in the spark arrestor as 1 unit. Not removable like the older units.
  11. docindoyle

    Which Dual Sport Kit are you using on your 450X ?

    Sicass Racing out of Michigan. Check em out @ SICASSRACING.COM.
  12. docindoyle

    2008 honda crf450x,good ?

    I had the Decompression Shaft break on my '08 after only 100 mi. No trouble with the bike since it had been replaced.
  13. Cycra Probends, racer pack, tripple clamp mount. Devol skid plate. Anything other than Works Connection braces, which I have! IMHP.
  14. docindoyle

    XR400 v 450x advise

    I came from the same situation. I kept the 400 for a spare or to try to intice buddies to ride. Love the 450, but I still feal I could ride the 400 faster in the tight trails. Mabye I feel that way because the 450 cost so much, I don't want to wreck it!!
  15. docindoyle

    crf450x getting warm

    Bad Radiator cap?? Been reading about some bad caps on the magazines.