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  1. am convert my mxer to motard which online store is a good place to order the stuff from?
  2. rookie517

    2013 SX Needle And Seat

    adjust the float bowl height?
  3. ya can put the bike on the stand and tilt it to the left, with the cap off ya can see some bubble popping up, top up as needed.
  4. rookie517

    PROS and CONS of 150 SX

    only con is, ya need to keep it pinned.
  5. rookie517

    Ktm 150 power valve problems.. HELP! :(

    could it due to carbon or?
  6. rookie517

    200xcw, need cylinder help?....a WTH moment!

    ya are a great buddy!! when can i send my bike over? it is due for topend overhaul as well.
  7. rookie517

    200 xc or 250 xc

    i'm about same height and weight as you. i got a 150sx and it carry me well and are able to go fast. 200 should be powerful enough for you, unless you like abit more.
  8. just enjoy ya new bike. it is as reliable as the jap machine. keep it pinned!!
  9. rookie517

    Top end rebuild - How do I find TDC?

    different thickness of gasket.
  10. ya, check compression as well.
  11. rookie517

    Head Machining

    ride a 2stroke.
  12. rookie517

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    ya lucky bastid!! i shall come over thailand look for ya soon!
  13. rookie517

    Any 125SX ideas?

    maybe you want to replace the fork oil. shock oil and new gear oil.
  14. my friend pour in coke! in emergency case. but you need to flush it out when ya get out of there.