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  1. My 125 has kx100 triple clamps and forks and the rear shock. Sits higher and takes bumps better. Yours looks good!!
  2. eric, where did you get the key switch?
  3. So obvious Alex, thanks.
  4. So how is this working? My son and I put a key on his 2008 klx450r last year and it didnt work. Baja designs worked with us and nothing would make it work. It was suggested that we get the baja wire loom with the key but my boy didn't want to spend the $120 or so.....but now he is about to get his motorcycle license and wants a key.
  5. My son has the baja product, cut and trimmed to fit nicely. We also trimed off some of the extra (to us) plate bracket. Left just enough to bolt the top part of a plate to the plastic. The reason we trimmed it was because when I would follow him through the woods I could see his stock fender was moving around a lot with the weight of the tail light/license plate bracket. If only it would attach to the sub frame.....
  6. Devon(sp) at Baja Designs talked me through a switch check with the multimeter. It works properly. So I will be installing it again but planning on taking a long time, checking every option I see. Fingers crossed
  7. I did that already. Thanks though. I installed it the way the instructions say, then switched wires, plus a couple other ways. I am thinking that maybe its in the key switch. I would like to try another before I give up.
  8. Hasn't anyone added a key switch to their motorcycle? There are only two wires from the kill switch that get unplugged and then the two wires on the key switch plug into those spots. Very simple design and should work, but it doesn't. Any suggestions to get this to work?
  9. I emailed Devin a picture of my turn signal etc switch on Jan 21. He told me he was stumped as he has never had this problem.
  10. I have a 2008 klx450r that I bought used last year. 3rd owner. First guy had the bike shop install a baja designs blinker/kill/headlight switch along with turn signals and rear brake light. I want to add a keyed ignition/kill switch. I bought the baja part I need from TT and it seems a simple fit...but it doesn't work. I have contacted Baja and they don't know whats wrong. There was a product change recently so that might be the problem. Has anyone on here added the ignition switch to their bike?
  11. 03. We did some messing around with it just now and got it to fit, using supplied spacers on the front bolt and a hook style clamp off of the original skid plate on the rear most hole in the new plate. The 1st time we set it up it didn't seem right and it was dark out. thanks
  12. I just stumbled across a new/left over skid plate at my local yamaha dealer. It's marked for an 03-06 wr450f but I thought that the frames were the same on the wr's and yz's from that time. I held it up to my sons 250 and it seems a bit big but I didn't spend a lot of time on fitting it. Any ideas? I have done everything except call the dealer to ask if the frames are the same. If it doesn't work out then my brother in law will get it as a christmas gift for his 03 wr450, but i'd rather put it on my sons bike. Only paid $25! Thanks
  13. Just read this KJ and its put very well. I didn't think about the oil capacity but did think about rev. I have owned many sport bikes and some of them I did ride very hard. Only shifting at rev limiter etc. I put 40,000+ miles on that 600. My crf230 seems to be bullet proof while our 250f is SO high strung. I was just interested in how others see this. Every reply has given me another view.
  14. mec

    miles on the bike

    update...my son has fallen in love with this motorcycle! Fits him perfectly, has (too much) power which he enjoys, plenty of goodies to add over time! He can make it street legal down the road...very happy!
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