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  1. BaddAndy

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    Somewhere above Cashmere
  2. I agree, but as the pic shows, 1 and 1/2 of the awnings legs are already on the neighbors property = no room for a permanent structure.
  3. Undo your mistakes and see if it ran as good as before.
  4. BaddAndy

    Enclosed Trailer Setups

    Not my eco-boost Transit. It only says use Tow-Haul mode on downhills. It says nothing about using/not using Overdrive. My trans has 2 (4th,5th) overdrives. It may downshift one gear going up mountains. Cruise is always on with no traffic. GVW is usually under 10,000lbs loaded up. This thing has sooooooooooooo much power!
  5. BaddAndy

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

  6. BaddAndy

    Nicolai Ridge Dualsport, near Longview, May 5th

    If anyone dualsports and didn't attend this event, you missed a good one. There was more trail than any DS event in recent memory. Albite quad trail, but definitely technical quad trail.
  7. BaddAndy

    Enclosed Trailer Setups

    I have a 3 configuration setup. 1 bike on the left, or 2 bikes - 1 forward and one backward, or 1 bike on the left with 2 bicycles. Rearward chock is a quick-detach. I can only load one of my 2 light dirtbikes to push up the ramp backwards on that side. Post between the chocks is to mount 2 bicycles next to forward facing bike.
  8. BaddAndy

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    I wish I would've hit this wall at the beginning of my ride instead of me hitting the wall at this 40 mile, 4 hour point.
  9. BaddAndy

    Husky 250i part of the family

    Oil change every 40 hrs per the manual
  10. BaddAndy

    Husky 250i part of the family

    I don't keep my oil injection tank topped off, but do check it every gas tank fill up. Other than that, adjust suspension to you and RIDE IT!
  11. I made an LED headlight for $35.
  12. BaddAndy

    What have you done to your Husky today?

    I bought one each flood and a spot lamp from Harbor Freight, cut the reflectors in half, glued the two halves together, and had 2 lights, one for the TE, one for the FE. Bent up some 1/4" plastic, dremeled out a recess for the light's gasket, made an adjuster and voila. Not shown was trimming of half the left side fins to clear the bike's rectifier with forks turned left and some trimming of the bike's wiring bracket.