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  1. Zoeller_208

    MH3 Tire

    Hardpack tears the hell out of those tires. It looks like it was pretty far down there on tread life to wasn't it? Mine started tearing on the MS3 but it was about smoked anyway.
  2. Zoeller_208

    going big and then splat!

    I usually do it a couple times a day when I don't scrub as hard as i planned (still haven't mastered the scrub to do it perfect all the time). But I never really get hurt and neither does the bike. Back when I was on a 85 I over jumped a 80ft tabletop by atleast 20ft and it screwed up both wheels pretty bad.
  3. Zoeller_208

    Ok, who's selling their YZ?

    Ya I saw that too and I remember it was a members bike on here but I can't seem to remember who.
  4. Zoeller_208

    Pro Circuit Exhaust

    OK everyone on here claims the single can makes more power and if that's true then why do the pros run duals?
  5. Zoeller_208

    anodizing vs. powder coating

    Best way to keep from scratching when changing a tire/fixing a flat is to cut up an oil bottle and heat it with a little propane torch to make "rim savers" or whatever you want to call them. This works better than the ones motion pro makes. BTW go with powdercoat. After the lip of the rim starts turning silver you can touch it up with sharpie and the only one who can tell it's sharpie is you but refrain from rubbing the parts you sharpied when polishing the rims because it will rub off.
  6. Zoeller_208


    if that's what you want but who knows how many hours
  7. Zoeller_208

    New paint for the leatt

    What kind of paint did you use? Did you sand it at all before you painted or did you just go for it?
  8. Zoeller_208

    Freak Accidents?

    We used to have this step up quad at SVR and if you did quad it you had to be on the brakes hard to make the bowl turn after it and one guy on a brand new ktm 250f landed with his back wheel locked up then just pinned it and jumped across the other side of the track and onto the driveway into a woods and hit a couple of tress and he was fine but he was shaking pretty bad. Not exactly a freak accident I guess but o well.
  9. Zoeller_208

    DNA Wheels???

    they're pretty good, and they're cheap
  10. Zoeller_208

    Aluminum framed yz125's

    my buddy owns a 2000 yz125, 2006 yz 125, 2007 yz250f. He said the 2000 model was a lot heavier than the '06 and i didn't really believe him and then i rode both bikes and there is a huge difference not just in weight but the newer yz 125's have more balls. Only problem with the '06 and maybe '05 is that the clutch shifter stopper goes bad but can be fixed if you put in the '07 or '08 part. O and we're about even when he's riding the 250f but hes quicker when he's on the 125 and hes 15 pounds heavier than me:bonk:
  11. Zoeller_208

    I Have To Have One

    I wonder if there's a aftermarket purple powerband available for it?
  12. Zoeller_208

    My best roost ever :-)

    thanks for the new background:p how'd u do?
  13. Zoeller_208

    Sunline Levers Need Help!!

    try adjusting the bolt on the left side of the lever that's exposed and not covered by that rubber thing
  14. Zoeller_208

    Sunline Levers Need Help!!

    Now you pull the lever all the way to the grip? check the little window to see how much fluid is in there and if it's low check your brake pads they're most likely shot.
  15. Zoeller_208

    CRF250R action pics