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  1. Racer808

    how long of drive is phoenix from Denver?

    Damn, I havnt been up in the mountians for a while, but its usually higher then it is down here
  2. Racer808

    how long of drive is phoenix from Denver?

    Yeah but I gotta buy 4 air line tickets, I think Hit the Set is on to something, I can wait till Salt Late, will have vacation time saved up again, can drag my trailer, ride a track or two, see the race, come on home. Maybe stop by Cainville for a day! Thanks Hit, thats actually a good idea and gives me time to plan.
  3. Thinking about taking the kids and myself to Phoenix for the supercross race, with gas at 1.35 a gallon its totally doable. How long does it take to drive there? I already checked airlines, I should have thought of this stuff a month ago cause now there are no deals. Is it doable to drive down there Friday night, sleep, watch the races, come back sunday morning?
  4. Racer808

    Denver welding

    No, I think I found him in the yellow pages first actually. I called him a few times got some help over the phone then I got a yz426 which he seemed to know more about then anyone else so he made the bike run real good, did a new top end for me, we started riding together here and there, then I bought my new bike and have had him do fork seals on all of our bikes, rebuild my kids bike, grease my linkage and steering (I didnt feel like pulling the rear end apart) he has a good price on tires, plus for what he charges to change a tire I would rather run over there then bloody my knuckles and cuss and throw things around. Geez what else, oh yeah my kid fried his clutch, he did that for me, I give him all my work that I cant or dont feel like doing. He's also a good MX coach but only your receptive and listen. He jetted my kids 85, has done all sorts of odds and ends and is always fair on the price, I have no problem paying for good service and honest work. Frankly, I wouldnt mind paying the dealers their 75 dollars an hour if I didnt always end up with half ass work after they were done. Motofix is a true craftsmen
  5. Racer808

    One tells Dungey to take a hike

    I've always liked Dungey, I was rooting for him Saturday evning early on and after his interviews I lost all sorts of respect for the guy. he says he and Stewart are cool, but he aint no longer riding with him anymore, I think after the US open Dungeys mouth pissed Stewart off, of course that is purley speculation on my part, but it seems to fit the pattern at this point
  6. Racer808

    One tells Dungey to take a hike

    And everyone one of those rides would stare at you like a deer in light out of fear of being punished, except Jlaw. And I am not even a fan of Jlaw!
  7. Racer808

    Denver welding

    720-470-4802, his name is John. he also rides and is pretty damn fast, he is in Lakewood and works out of his garage, but its a VERY nice garage. I had nothing but good luck with him and he goes above and beyond what I have paid him to do. I like his honesty. He also has good credentials. I fully trust him and like his service. When the dealer I bought my bike from screwed up my jetting, he met me at the track, rode my bike, jetted it, changed the needle and the thing runs like its got EFI, even with the weather changes the only time my bike bogs is if I do something stupid. I dont think your chain cracked your swing arm, there are many posts about the older hondas and the cracked swing arm, good news is a good welder was able to fix everyone on up. I can go on and on about his service, I have never been happier with someones work and ethic then I have been with his. I wanted him to revalve my suspension or sugest who to do it for me, he made a few clicks, rode my bike, made some more adjustments and the thing feels like a caddy, I no longer desire a revalve.
  8. Racer808

    The race i missed in cullman,al!!!

    Why is there an indoor track in Alabama? Isnt it like hot there most of the time? I wish someone would open an indoor track here.
  9. Racer808

    One tells Dungey to take a hike

    I dont think Jlaw despises Dungey, I just think he saw what a panty waste he was before we got too and he knows how to push his buttons. I could careless about all the drama, but I like how the season is unfolding already!
  10. Racer808

    Denver welding

    It wont work very well? It wont work at all, you have to have an aluminum welder. Sounds you got yourself a lemon, cracked cases, cracked swingarm. I am not sure what you mean by low, cause your past posts usually involve you stating you cant afford anything, but one, dont use a dealer. Two, no one is going "hook you up" persay, motofix is probably the most honest mechanic I have found, he charges 50 an hour and does fantastic work. As for the welding, any decent welding shop should be able to clean up the factory weld and re weld it.
  11. Racer808

    JS Interview

    JS will probably find a ride for the outdoors, alessi can beat Reed outdoors, Townley if he stops hurting himself, RV, Grant is fast as hell outdoors, short millsaps, all have something for Reed outdoors
  12. Racer808

    One tells Dungey to take a hike

    I can see bikes affecting someones decision on what to buy, but gear? Come on, I just look at what I like, then start trying stuff on. For me, since I am always up & down with this 15 pounds I cant seem to keep off, I choose gear that has an adjustable belt or straps of some sort. Which is why fox dont get my money!!!
  13. Racer808

    JS Interview

    As a die hard yamaha owner, I can admit, none of my yamaha's could take an inside line for crap. I can sure as heck rail the outside lines though. Even if Reed beats steweart straight up this season, I dont think he can touch any of the top 5 guys come outdoors. Or perhaps he will suprise us there as well. All I know is Reed looked damn fast, his interviewing has gotten better and it just seems like a whole new Reed. I have no favorites in this fight, so let the best man win
  14. Racer808

    brake tapping in air

    Yep, but its also from blurping the throttle too much at take off rather then smoothe control. Its also really an old two stroke trick that on the thumpers, chopping the throttle will get you nose down. I learned the break tap so I wouldnt freeze in situations where I needed it. I found a nice 20' table top that was perfect and just hit over and over break tapping over it. Then I started just pulling the clutch in over every jump which led to break tapping over other obstacles, not cause I needed it, but I wanted it to be second nature in the event that I really needed to hit the rear break. Shoving the bars down is not going to get nose down enough correctly, especially in a panic situation.
  15. Racer808

    Reed Interview at Racer X.

    Woudnt it still be GOAT then?