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  1. Montana

    vegas eh?
  2. Montana

    I have it narrowed down to something involving the hydraulic clutch. Most of the damage was done while in the gallatins.. the trail really isn't that bad compared to the crest trails... lol
  3. Montana

    we went and camped up at delmo over the weekend. had some fun and I finally made it up the trail to the lady of the rockies.. good times until I burned my clutch out.
  4. rode up to 187 (windy pass) access from Tamphery Cr. Lower section of trail has a couple of big trees blocking. also a few pain in the rear switchbacks. I would recommend continuing up the road onto 6959C which meets back up with the trail. When you approach the ridge line on 187 it is very difficult and I would rate it as an expert (with a ton of energy) only trail. Will have to head up Portal on Sept. 5th to make the most of the end of the season for this system.
  5. Montana

    Did you ride up Truman? how was the trail condition?
  6. I just put in a ride up Swan Creek and I must say that it is a sweet single track. Certainly some rocky uphills but overall very fun. Only downfall is the 4wheeler muck fest in the marshy area of #188. We got off of #186 for a spell but when we got back on it was fun as heck. I am thinking of swinging around from the Moose Creek side up to Windy Pass and then coming down Swan. That is the proper direction to go as I have been told by some buddies. Thinking of also doing the more difficult approach from grotto falls but I hear that is a tricky one. Kinda like a challenge though. If you have been there, post some comments on trail conditions and where you went. I really would like to hear the trail conditions of the Grotto (#427) approach. here is a link to the Gallatin Motorized use map:!Gallatin_Range.pdf link to Gallatin National Forest motorized use maps:
  7. Montana

    I cant believe it has been so long since my last ride at pipestone.. trying to get in some of the last days of the gallatins...
  8. livin' south of Bozeman. I think the info/registration set up should be outside so you can watch... lol
  9. For sure! Hopefully before the races.. It's gonna be busy.
  10. Har Har parking lot wheelie boy....
  11. I am Jason Kruger.... Looking forward to the event. Hope there is some sweet swag....
  12. I am getting ancy.. it was enough seeing this on facebook but now i have to read about it on thumpertalk too? man... and I am not even racing in
  13. Montana

    Nice to hear, mostly pipestone? My bike is gonna go through some tear down over the next week or two(parts trickling in), then time to ride again before the snow flies. Even if you had a flat tire and no handlebar I am pretty sure you would still put the beat down on the trail. I need some more eat dust sessions with ya.
  14. Montana

    just messing with mx451's work life... and he says you have the best parking lot wheelies ever.... a lot of talk for someone who doesn't ride
  15. Montana

    I suppose you can't get a fricken saturday or sunday off anytime soon, can you?