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  1. fish_bate

    Keihin 39 (From a KTM 450 2006) into DRZ?

    It's good to have the E model cams, at least, to match the ignition. Hot Cams or Web Cams are good options, too.
  2. fish_bate

    Keihin 39 (From a KTM 450 2006) into DRZ?

    Yes, it did. I had some excessive popping and a little bit of an idle hang. I raised the needle one clip and it is much better. It also seems to have more stomp and a better transition to full throttle. I have a 2006 SM. I'm running a 434 kit, single layer base gasket, "E" model cams, KW valve train with a really nice valve cut and a very mild port/polish, "E" model CDI, and a Yoshimura TRC titanium full system. My motor was built by Scott Miller at Fast Company in Breslau, Ontario.
  3. fish_bate

    FCR39mx Remove Pilot air jet? I think NOT!

    Try an NCYR needle, clip 4. Yamaha part # 5TA-14916-YR-00. It's a multi-taper needle. Gives a much smoother transition between the circuits. I found the fueling felt much more "precise", or "cleaner", after I changed to the NCYR. 162 MJ 200 MAJ 42 PJ 100 PAJ NCYR-4 2.25 turns
  4. fish_bate

    Keihin 39 (From a KTM 450 2006) into DRZ?

    I use a carb off a Yamaha YZ426F. I installed the JD Jetting conversion kit. https://www.jdjetting.com/xcart/product.php?productid=175&cat=18&page=1 My jetting works very well. 162 Main Jet 200 Main Air Jet 42 Pilot Jet 100 Pilot Air Jet NCYR needle - Clip 3 (Yamaha part # 5TA-14916-YR-00) 2.5 turns out
  5. fish_bate

    BL Italia Tank question?

    I've got an E model BL Italia tank on a SM. I feel confident that it is secure enough with just the shrouds bolted in and the seat secure on top. Mine does have the threaded bolt holes up front for the tank bracket and a collar bolt at the rear of the tank for the rubber strap.
  6. fish_bate

    Running DRZ with header pipe only?

    It's definitely not recommended. Without major jetting changes you'll most likely be running lean enough to do engine damage. If you wanted to jet properly, you'll be messing around with jetting issues until the cows come home. If it was me, I'd just sit tight.
  7. fish_bate

    470 build thread

    I got my valvetrain kit from BP Racing. They're pretty reasonable.
  8. fish_bate

    Keihen vs mukini

    The FCR will give you a tiny bit more top end with the right exhaust and it's easier to tune just because of the info available on the internets. I don't have a stroker motor, but I'm running a 41 FCR-MX that came off of a KTM 625 SMC. It works great with the correct accelerator pump adjustment. This is the jetting that I'm running: 175 main jet 200 main air jet 48 pilot jet 100 pilot air jet JD "Red" needle 3rd clip with a half step washer, essentially making it clip 3.5 2 turns out fuel screw
  9. fish_bate

    Drz400 caliper relocation bracket

    Don't get me wrong, I'm all down for making your own parts if you're able, but there's so many out there at this point, I'd say just buy one.
  10. fish_bate

    Want New Exhaust! Will It Fit?

    KX250F exhaust will not fit. There are lots of options available for the KLX250/300. FMF is very popular.
  11. fish_bate

    Fcr MX ap timing

    Dramabeast and Hinsky are dead on. "...adjust the AP screw so it just misses the slide..." And this is exactly what you need to do. You're on the right track. With the advice given here, and the fact that it sounds like you already know what you're talking about, you'll get it perfect for sure.
  12. fish_bate

    help on Cams for stroker/BigBore install

    I don't mean to hijack the question from maxpat82, but when I went higher lift and longer duration with just the intake cam I noticed big gains in the bottom of the rev range. Top end power is not a priority for me, so a more extreme cam on the intake side gave me a much more 'flightier' feeling down low. But that's just my observations.
  13. fish_bate

    trouble ordering a 100 slow/pilot air jet fcr

    Here's the Yamaha part#: 5BF-14347-27-00 You can get it from any Yami dealer or online at Partzilla or something
  14. fish_bate

    oil puking out of airbox

    The heavier weight oil will increase oil pressure. Increased oil pressure will affect how much oil comes out of the crank case breathing system. If you went to something like 20w-50 "V-Twin" stuff, it's way too heavy. Personally, I wouldn't recommend anything heavier than 10w-60 or 15w-40.
  15. Front pads from a Husvarna 510 SMR or a KTM 690 Duke should work.