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  1. vagrantidol

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Made a trip to CA for thanksgiving and did a little riding with Blakrawb. We managed a view of the Pacific covered in clouds.
  2. vagrantidol

    I'm back, it's still black, but more like Mad Max!

    Snow??? Never heard of the stuff...
  3. vagrantidol

    Post up a pic of your former bikes

    You're missing a bike in there BlakRawb, my old kawi. It's too bad we never took pics in the horse ranch while it was still there.
  4. vagrantidol

    My DRZ Build, Project "Money Eater"

    After 13 months I got my SM wheels back! I thought they were gone forever after my calls went unanswered and last week I got a call saying they were ready to ship. They were trued and kissed on a lathe to within .002" (.05mm) TIR. I probably won't get around to getting rotors and tires for awhile since it is dirt riding season here in AZ, but I am happy since I thought they were never coming back!
  5. vagrantidol

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    So I left California and bought a house in Arizona about a month ago. I now have endless riding right behind my house and it is awesome. I went on my first expedition yesterday and will venture out further once the weather cools down a little bit more. I am looking forward to all the new riding I now have though!
  6. vagrantidol

    DRZ400E, I need a headlight mount

    I still have extra brackets laying around for my HID and LED setup if you are interested. Edit: Here is a link http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/989008-led-and-hid-headlight-upgrade/page-4?hl=%2Bhid+%2Bupgrade#entry11429832
  7. I use a 110 link chain for my 15/44 dirt wheels and my 15/39 sm wheels. Even with the big bore, the 39 tooth on the sm wheels will not rev out all the way in 5th gear and yes, the 110 link chain fits the 44 sprocket on the dirt wheels just fine although is it one notch from the minimum. I use it mainly to keep the rpm's down when riding on the freeway. It will cruise 75 all day long with the sm wheels. A 39t on a dirt wheel would be absolutely miserable IMO, I would try a 42 supersprox sprocket.
  8. vagrantidol

    Need dirt bike friends in North Phoenix - Anthem area

    I am going through escrow right now on a house in arroyo grande, so if it all works out I will be right next to you. I have a DRZ400 and will be looking to find new spots to ride.
  9. vagrantidol

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    We actually had a little rain on Friday night, only about the 4th time this season it has rained, so I decided to mount up the knobs and head out in the hills. This is normally a pond full of water in spring, but due to this drought we have, it only has about 6" of water. Still it is nice to see wet dirt because pretty soon it will be dry as a bone out here.
  10. vagrantidol

    fcr39mx idle issue.

    You can also try putting the slow air jet back in the carb. I got mine from SSW a couple of years ago and slapped it right in the bike. I had idle issues and a lean condition at idle (headpipe would turn orange in less than a minute) and struggled with swapping the pilot jet and messing with the fuel screw. I couldn't get it right, so I went ahead and got a 100 slow air jet in there and the problem was solved. It also eliminated all the decel popping my bike was having and it was a lot. The bike would bark like a rally car with anti lag before I put in the slow air jet. Just another thing to consider in case you still have some issues with the idle.
  11. vagrantidol

    LED Headlight Upgrade Kit

    I have 2 10w leds and one 35w hid on my bike and the hid outshines the leds to where there is almost no comparison.
  12. vagrantidol

    MRD Racing Z-Pro DRZ Exhaust System (SSW)

    Feel a bigger hit on the top end of the rev's and the exhaust note is much improved. It has a lot more bark and bite than it used to.
  13. vagrantidol

    Hot Cams Stage 2 Camshaft

    Creates a lot more power in the upper RPM range of the engine.
    Throttle response was improved and it makes more power. The downside is the carb is more sensitive to climatic and altitude changes.
  14. vagrantidol

    Cylinder Works Big Bore Cylinder Kit

    Nothing is better than more power and having it just as reliable as stock.