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  1. KaptainKoolz

    Rebuild and Refresh of 2003 625SXC

    Subbed for the ride Just got finished completely rebuilding a 640A and im still working out the bugs
  2. KaptainKoolz

    Help me identify my FCR

    Copy that. Thanks for the help!!
  3. KaptainKoolz

    Help me identify my FCR

    I take that back, didnt realize the bell was removable. Looks like I have a "75" and a "200" inside the bell. What jet is which?
  4. KaptainKoolz

    Help me identify my FCR

    I took off the ACV and blocked off all ports, but as i bought the carb everything was open and just sucking atmosphere into the carb, which explains the torn up piston skirt and cylinder wall from foreign debris. Also explains why its running pig rich right now. Also this carb has no slow air jet in the bell?
  5. KaptainKoolz

    Help me identify my FCR

    Here is the picture of the jet, looks like its a "90" jet size. is this related to the ACV or do i need to plumb some line to this?
  6. Just rebuilt the engine on a '00 KTM 640A and I am trying to dial in the jetting. PO installed a Keihin FCR (non-mx, but with TPS) But it has some features I that I have never seen on an FCR. Most notably there is a diaphragm on the opposite side the throttle linkage, it looks like a second AP but there is a hose going from the airbox side of the carb to one of the ports, it looks to be some kind of vacuum actuated cutoff? Also there is an external jet on the same side, I assume its an air jet but I cant confirm that, and I dont know where to vent it to. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. KaptainKoolz

    1999 kx 250 wont fire up

    Check your air filter, If that checks out I would pressure test the engine.
  8. KaptainKoolz

    1998 rm125 project

    At very least pull the right side cover off, then you can replace the shift lever possibly witness the oil drain. most of those tools are for splitting cases and pressing the crank out.
  9. KaptainKoolz

    1998 rm125 project

    Off the top of my head you will need -Complete set of sockets (+ 32 or so MM large socket for clutch basket, you will want to double check that size in the service manual) -Torque wrench(up to 55 ft-lbs) -Flywheel puller -Case seperator -crank puller -top end lock up tool -clutch basket holder -Rubber mallet -Extended torque wrench adapter for cylinder base bolts -Shake n Break is neccesarry if you are going to replace the main bearings. -Loc-tite as necessary -6 Pack of beers . Make sure you follow the service manual for this, dont remove the top end until you have too, locking up the engine makes removing the primary gear and flywheel a breeze Once you get inside you can inspect the damage of those threads, but if I remember correctly the bolt is steel, so it probably won and stripped out the bung threads.
  10. KaptainKoolz

    1998 rm125 project

    You may want to find someplace closer to you but these guys are in my backyard. http://www.moto-pro.com/Services.asp?strMPSID=SHOCKREBUILD Does the drain bolt just spin in place? or has it siezed? Either way I would split cases to clean out the debris, and depending on damage you may need to replace the case half. If the bung threads arent damaged too bad you might be able to get away with a heli-coil.
  11. KaptainKoolz

    Only one upgrade

    skid plate, not having this has bitten me in the ass before
  12. KaptainKoolz

    Fitment of FMF Q silencer on 05 RM250

    q stealth is a good silencer, it doesnt get in the way of the rear tire and doesnt stick out much at all past the plastics. just wish it was a tad quieter
  13. KaptainKoolz

    89' RMX 250 won't start

    Compression test may not tell you the whole story. I would do a leak down test to be sure. If your right side main seal is leaking then you will be sucking in trans fluid into the cumbustion chamber, the left seal leaking would create a lean condition. If there is a leak you probably will never be able to dial in the jetting. There is a sticky somewhere about how to leak down test a 2stroke, it is neither challenging or expensive. Good luck
  14. KaptainKoolz

    Can an engine just die because it's low on compression?

    Had a friend who bought a 92 or so cr125 cheeeep of CL, ended up losing compression mid-ride and would not restart, you can feel it in the kickstarter if it gets that bad, feels like you are kicking over a bike with no plug.
  15. KaptainKoolz

    04 rm250

    What is your budget? Dial in your jetting and suspension, and power valve, they are the best cheap mods and really only cost time. Flywheel weight is a good investment for single track. Mine lugs really well with a 12oz weight. Get bark busters, maybe a bigger tank with a reserve on it.