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    XR 50 Airbox?

    Hey, does anybody out there know of an aftermarket airbox and filter setup for a 2001 XR50? We live in Colorado and this little thumper needs more air.
  2. paul913

    Colorado riding areas

    Hey Bryan, There's always Steamboat - Let's go I'm getting spring fever in the middle of June Jake
  3. paul913


    Sorry, in order to silence the tone of our machines the pipe would have to be the size of a trash-can or restrict the flow considerably(baffle). The sound wave is just too large to quite with a small-unencumbered muffler. But, an interesting problem is coming quickly to the environmental nazis. I saw a demonstration of a fuel cell drag bike a while back. Still completely experimental, but it beat a gas powered machine down the track handily. They don’t weigh anything, don’t make any noise and don’t pollute. Given that it is an electric motor – they have tons of torque! You will see the Greenies real color (red) when these start showing up in the forests! They won’t have anything bad to say (except maybe for your color comments Bryan). They will have to admit to being fascist prima-donnas who just want the forests for themselves. And God forbid, you get too many of them together. They’d be throwing hemp and tofu at each other. Just sounding off... But I feel better now - hummm...
  4. Sorry guys this link doesn't follow along with the serious 4-stroke chatter goin' on here, but you will probably enjoy it. As some of you know, I have been spending my winter months with a 2-stroke machine between my knees (I know it's a probalem I have to work out with myself...) Anyway I ran across this posting on a snowmobile site and almost died laughing. Definately worth reading. Hop-Up vs Stock Any thoughts?
  5. paul913

    Moab Weather

    Larry, You must be much younger than me. My body just can't stand the camping any more after 50-75 miles of Moab. Give me a hot-tub, a few beers, and an air-conditioned suite! After-all it's supposed to be a vacation, right?
  6. Hey Kev, After spending the weekend in the garage with my blue machine in pieces, I realized I need sprockets and a chain. Keep us informed on how your discussions go. I'd be looking for: 14T Front 52T Rear O-Ring Chain Thanks bud,
  7. paul913

    got my kouba today in the mail.....

    Too Bad Just got back in from the mail box! Jake
  8. paul913

    got my kouba today in the mail.....

    Thanks a ton! I sure wasn't expeciting that surprise in the mail! I love cool little tools like that! KerryT and I are tearing our bikes apart tomorrow in my garage - tunes, beers & bikes. I'll let you know how the install goes. CA$H is in the mail today! Thanks again buddy!
  9. paul913

    Kouba List, Now completetly alphabetized

    Hey guys! It's so nice to be missed Kevin, Thanks a ton for the T-handle. Drop me a note and tell me how things are going. Looks like the hardware business is treating you well. Jake scott@envoy-data.com
  10. Hey Guys! How are things going out there? Sorry I haven't been around much lately. I ran across some interesting news out of Yamaha today that some of you may be interested in. Yamaha Sleds! It seems Yamaha is going after market share in the sled world. 150 horsepower, 4 cyl, 20 valve, Thumper! They have always been the third or fourth vendor in the market. Hopefully, (with the enviros help!) they will revolutionize the sled market as they did the thumper dirt market. I'll bet you'll see a huge marketing campaign with everyone claiming it's the 'machine-of-the-year', 'so easy to ride', 'unbelievable power', 'I never thought I would ride a 4-stroke' - Sound familiar? Bryan, you might consider a new web site...
  11. paul913

    Rampart July 13th throught 22nd.

    Drop me a l
  12. paul913


    Sorry to go off topic, but... If we could get a large enough group together for a camping/riding weekend, we'd have much more fun. Sure the Poker Run is great since the trails are 1-way and all the early guys are going full blast... If we could get ten guys camping, though, we'd have more fun for sure. There are camping sites in Westcliff, Coaldale and Salada. Westcliff would probably be best, just because it's near the center. We could ride the south end on Saturday then north on Sunday. XR4Hun, Let us know how it goes. I'd recommend the Sprucewood Trail, Log-jumper or Trout Creek. These are usually open early in the spring. Watch the river crossings on Trout creek, it might be running deep with the run-off. Jake [This message has been edited by Jake (edited 05-10-2001).]
  13. paul913


    I can't imagine there will be any left. It's been warm during the days, nights haven't been too cold, and we've seen some rain this week (Rain melts the stuff in even the shadiest spots!). Be carefull of the crouds. Hey, has anyone heard anything of the Spring Poker Run? I thought that was usually around this time of year? Jake
  14. paul913

    You gotta love Colorado

    Five hours to ride at Rampart? We gotta talk! Drop us CO boyes a line the next time you come into town. We'll show you some better stuff! Jake
  15. Last weekend I was asked by my wife to drive 1,000 miles to pick up a set of furniture from our in-laws. Then turn around and haul them back. Take up an entire weekend during prime spring riding season? Are you kidding? That sounds terrible. So I was thinking, if I have to drive the truck down and get a trailer to haul the furniture, why not take my bike down? There has to be some good riding down there in the desert. But where? Through ThumperTalk I contacted frequent poster named SingleTracker500 and asked if he could show me some desert riding. What a great use for the internet and these forums – turn a dreadful weekend with the in-laws into a blast! John (“SingleTracker”) was an incredible guide and riding companion. He took me to an area north of the city on federal lands that had an almost endless assortment of trails. Not your leisurely bike-path kind of stuff, but real challenging, sandy, rocky tight stuff. Oh and by the way, those funny looking trees down there, don’t hit them. They’re cactuses! Ouch! They certainly provide a different kind of risk that I’m used to here in Colorado. I was expecting these wide open, pinned in fifth, kind on trails. These were really nothing like that. It was a great day. Cool by Phoenix standards – only in the mid eighties. We ran into only a few other riders on the trail, did some chatting, told people about the site and wished them well. I was riding like a fool first thing in the morning. I was wearing brand new Vectors and I figured they were messing with my mind. Then at one point, John asked “How much air are you running?” Then it dawned on me. I had dropped 5,000 feet in altitude and hadn’t adjusted the air in my tires. I was probably running with 20+ pounds! The old scooter doesn’t run so well in the sand with that much air! After adjustments, I was hanging a little closer. I think John was also still slowing down for me though. He saw me shrugging in fear as I rounded switch backs completely surrounded by thorns! You would need complete body armor if you missed s turn. We ended up riding 30 or 40 miles of single track. I got back home around 2:00 and still had time to socialize enough before heading north. John’s quick tour made all the difference in an otherwise wasted weekend! Thanks again man and please call whenever you come by Denver. As I mentioned earlier, what a wonderful service these boards provide. I highly recommend anyone traveling to lookup riders on the boards and ask if you should bring the bike along. And, for any of you heading to Phoenix, you really should drop SingleTracker a note – great guy, great guide. Jake