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  1. Thanks for the kind words from the forum folk, Jamie and I decided to "retire" from the small shop motorcycle business. We will not be moving to our huge mansion on the hill, basking in the sun and sipping cool beverages. Well maybe the cool beverages LOL Insight told us hat we had a great ride for many years, but the industry is changing and/or moving more towards the larger shops and lower priced web experience. There are even auto dealerships carrying the brand now. We just went with our gut on this one and are moving on before our small shop might have sunk. There ARE still really cool small shops around the country run by some really great folks and I will be buying my next new scooter from one of them sometime soon for sure. See you guys around the track or in the woods somewhere. Thanks again, Later, Jeff and Jamie Tasky
  2. mootak

    Taskys up for sale?

    Thanks guys, Jamie and I are going to semi-retire soon. Our building has a new owner who has plans for the entire sq. footage. We have the place up for sale as " turn key ready to relocate " Since we don't own our franchises, we decided to discontinue our lines. We left Husqvarna in good standing and on mutual terms and wish them all the best in the next chapter of the brand. If there is no buyer, we will be liquidating and closing up shop in a couple months and moving on. It has been a great ride for sure! See you on the trail........ Thanks, Jeff and Jamie Tasky
  3. mootak

    2015 Husqvarna Motorcycles Unveiled

    jetiv4, They are telling us sometime in September for the 2015's. The three piece composite sub-frame is approx. $328 U.S. retail, not to bad... Later, Jeff Tasky
  4. mootak

    te 300 2013 plastic subframe design failts

    There is an upgraded part for the air filter wall available from Husaberg. I have replaced a couple for customers under warranty on the 2 smokers , no problem. Seems like almost every new model, no matter what brand has a few small issues to sort out. Later, Jeff Tasky
  5. mootak

    Husqvarnas at Skagit Powersports

    I'm glad to see Husqvarna North America adding a few dealers. This will be good for the brand. Maybe now we will be seeing even more of the bikes on the trail and at the races.You gotta get the bikes out there so guys might consider trying one. I remember I bought my first new bike (1991 KDX 200) from Bill and Gary at the old SPS location west of the river in West Burlington. Gary was out back on his trials bike screwing around on some rocks while I was inside signing my life away to Bill on my new scoot. Before I had my shop I bought a couple other bikes from those guys too.. I think there will prob. end up being 7 or 8 dealers in Wa. by the years end. Sounds about right for our state. I really enjoy seeing you guys at the races, there's still nothing like the heart rate increase at the start line, the battle to the first corner, and hoping you make it past the last check in time for just one more lap. ( the other Sunday at Scotts winter series at Stradeline I missed another lap by about 45 seconds. Anyway, I think this is just the start for Husqvarna to once again be a force in offroad USA....... The bikes are getting better every model year,( well most of them anyway) Don't get me wrong, I enjoy many other brand bikes too. It is not rare to see me on some other color machines too. Heck my first Euro machine was a 1995 KTM EXC250 One or two Husky dealers isn't enough to support a growing brand in our area, so best of luck to all the new Husqvarna dealers and remember - RiDe More! Later, Jeff Tasky
  6. mootak

    Rd #2 Winter MC and ATV G. P @Straddleline

    We are really looking forward to this one. Fresh knobs ready to go! This winter series is really cool. Later, Jeff Tasky
  7. mootak

    Winter G.P Series

    That was awesome Scott and crew, Rained all the way to the race, had a breakfast sandwich at the food shack, (it's great to know there is some good grub at the track) It was only $5 gate fee and $25 entry Watched a good long course race,Eric and Joel had a good battle for a while until Eric's rear tire let go off the rim. Joel ran out of gas, pushed his bike a couple hundred yards across the finish and still took #1! Short course was raining harder = good muddy racing . I heard lots of hoots and woohoo's from everyone I passed or that passed me. Good course, lots of cool different sections, tight quick rutted turns, fast straights and uphills, sloppy moto sections. Great time look forward to the rest. Good StumpJumpers turn out. This was good old school scrambles layout, you guys gotta come check out the next ones Don't miss it...... Thanks again guys - that was good racing! Later, Jeff Tasky,
  8. mootak

    Everett Endurocross 2012

    We have Allyson, Ashley, Shane, Joel, Nick, Markus and Jake riding this year, Should be great racing! see you there. Later, Jeff Tasky
  9. Not sure if this is out there yet. 2013 TR650 Terra - MSRP $6,999 2013 TR650 Strada - MSRP $7,499 Late Sept - Early Oct delivery to dealers. Later, Jeff Tasky
  10. mootak

    Husqvarna sales up... big time

    We currently sell Husqvarna Husaberg GasGas Christini AWD Rokon AWD Carports on the side for beer money. Not trying to compete with any other shop volume wise. Just enough to pay the bills, stock tons of parts, and ride some cool machines. Thanks, Jeff
  11. mootak

    Husqvarna sales up... big time

    "Hey how's that other big Northwest husky dealer doing.... I see he's really pushing hard with Husaberg... Even promoting a big Husaberg showroom... Not much of a Husky presence anymore.... Why is that?" We divide our 1700 sq feet according to our current customer wants - currently it is 3:1 Husaberg to Husqvarna. Thanks, Jeff
  12. mootak

    Reiter opens! Make your reservation now!

    Just my couple pennies worth: I rode the "version" of "trail" last weekend. I'd like to talk about it without regards to politics, or $ just for a moment if I may. Solid trailbase - that's for sure.. We rode it, blew out some corners, bypassed some others too. Ran it both ways numerous times. Those guys were sooo excited to get the feedback as they only knew the trail at a walk and build pace. Pretty cool looks on their faces as we came in for comments at about half of the "expected" ride time. This was good info from us for them. I asked them to now go walk the trail again so they could see what flow at riding pace was. They did, and ..... they did. Some day maybe trails won't have to be built like roads, I don't know, time will tell. I never thought we would be able to plate our offroad bikes in this state either, so who knows where this might lead? In the meanwhile, We gets what we gets.... I'm going riding, thanks for listening to my two pennies By the way, It sure was cool to ride past Webers old dog grave on the way up to the parking area. I could just barely make out the old head stone/log. Later, Jeff Tasky.
  13. mootak

    SB5800 - Plates for dirt bikes

    Great news Tod, Here is a copy from above: Thank you. We’ve changed our FAQs and have removed any reference to specific federal laws. The information we are providing is on our website WA State Licensing: Plates for modified off-road motorcycles The information I received and provided to Tod was incorrect. Since the state law does not provide guidance as to which federal laws are applicable, it will be up to the inspector to determine which ones apply. I apologize for the confusion. A great positive start to what looks to be a fun year. Soon it's off to the store on my converted bike for a dozen eggs - one at a time! http://www.dol.wa.gov/forms/420808.pdf http://www.dol.wa.gov/vehicleregistration/offroadmotorcycles.html Later, Jeff Tasky
  14. mootak

    SB5800 - Plates for dirt bikes

    We are in a holding pattern on plating ORV bikes for now. Just waiting for a few verbage changes on the SB so we don't have to comply with the Feds requirements on what should be a quick and simple procedure. In the meanwhile I'm going riding and staying in contact with Tod (thanks again for your efforts) and those in the big white buildings. When I can sign the docs. legit we will begin inspecting and "connecting" trails Later, Jeff Tasky
  15. mootak

    Tasky's metric cycle....So who buys first?

    A few details on the 450 that I am aware of: The cam/decompression system is more like a KTM unit. cam chain same as Honda valve springs same as Honda valves are steel intake and stainless exhaust nice coated piston skirts The motors have been out for a while and are doing fine. I have beat my 2 Christini's (2005 Honda 270X and 2009 KTM 250 XCW) for years with no issues, looking forward to getting on the new production units. Later, Jeff Tasky