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  1. Thanks. Yeah, I'm having the same problem. Kicking around the HDB fold in mirrors. But not sure...
  2. Also, what mirrors are you all using? These are painful to look at. LOL
  3. Just picked one up. Going to be doing some upgrades soon, anyone know if most of the 19' parts are comparable? (top clamp, rear fender, de-smog procedures, etc...) Thanks all!
  4. I have the three gallon, it didn't fit right with the guards.
  5. I know they aren't compatable with the IMS tank.
  6. I was riding by myself yesterday and came to the conclusion that the trails need some serious help... I would be willing to meet up with work parties and help out. I have more disposable time on weekdays but can make weekends happen too. So, who do I talk to?
  7. Truer words have never been spoken.
  8. I'm going to look into that. Thanks
  9. 08 250 xc-w, got my letter today... Oh well.....
  10. I did my first race about 4 months ago. I did nothing special. I ride a two stroke so the sound guy didn't really even check it. He just said "I love 2 Strokes, they're so quiet". Unless you have some abnormally loud pipe I think you'll be fine. Just go out there and run your own race. You might be surprised at the results. You'll probably get hooked though.
  11. I was thinking along those lines. I just don't do a whole lot of riding on the east side. I'd hope to stretch them into the desert 100 as well. Cash is kinda tight right now. Thank you.
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