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  1. i have a 11 rmz250 that wont shift into third.replaced most of the gears in tranny,all 3 shift forks,the pawls,the shift plate,both springs on the shift shaft,and the cam tension.basically all of it.when i shift it by hand the bike shifts fine until i go into 3rd.looks like the shifter doesnt return to allow the cam to move.really geting sick of this bike already.i can lift the shifter and release it and it does nothing as if its not catching
  2. ya i took it apart had the head sufaced then installed the new gaskets only 1 head gasket and now its fine
  3. only put in 1 headgasket seems to cure problem and had head plained jut makw sure it was flat
  4. had the head plained at local bike shop just to make sure it was flat.cleaned everything to perfection put it all back together.decided to go riding today and road all day and dint loose any antifreeze so im super cited.pretty much think it was a bad head gasket starting to leak between the layers.so basically problem cured
  5. how do i test it the way u mention
  6. Pretty sure my head on my 09 crf450 might have a crack. It keeps pushing anti-freeze out of overflow and I had new gaskets and had the head plained to make sure its flat. TT edit. Sorry, its a good post, but you can post want ads here.
  7. was thinking about putting a 13.0:1 piston in my 09 crf450 just dont want it to be to radical.i have a full yoshi and a crower victory cam and a throttle body insert from ron.oh yeah the ecm is remapped from eddie to match the listed above.was just wondering if the higher comp will make it to much to hang onto to.thanks
  8. thecount

    Upgrade from 06 to 09 should I do it?

    i went from a 06 to a 09 crf450 in june honestly have to tell ya i hated it.the only way i could get the 09 to work for me was a higher comp piston,crower cam which is a 2011 cam with dans specs frickin love it.remapp from the man eddie and factory connection suspension with the link which cost alot and now i love the bike.would never go back to the older chassis crfs.kinda odd i had my old bike in my shop few weeks ago so i decide to sit on it and hated the feel of it.the newer generation crfs are nice.just need to get used to them
  9. thecount

    need a stator for a 09 kx250?

    doesanyone have a stator for a 09 kx250 really need one asap.
  10. thecount

    09-12 crank case breather

    with oil in the airbox i would assume you may have a ring issue pressurizing the base to much pushing the oil into airbox.or maybe theirrs to much oil in the motor side.
  11. thecount

    09-12 crank case breather

    does this do anything for performance or whats the purpose of thdoing this
  12. thecount

    09 big bore kit

    i did a cppiston and a crower victory cam and remapp from eddie.and my bike runs awesome love the power and it pulls so nice.
  13. thecount

    mega CRF250

    if he measures of the crank then the hp will b less by the time it puts it to the ground.still good hp for a 250f.
  14. thats it i was thinkin more like 8 anyway got a map from eddie going to try it on sunday.have to wait for the snow to melt
  15. added a crower victory cam to my 09 crf450 was told i was going to loose some lowend.I also have a cp 12.5.:1 piston in their also just got a map from eddie for the setup just havent tried it yet