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  1. CRF_Racer

    Minnesota Trails?

    Madmud where do you live?
  2. CRF_Racer

    Pictures of your Bikes

    Heres another.
  3. CRF_Racer

    Pictures of your Bikes

    2003 CRF450
  4. CRF_Racer

    Help....Pictures as link instead

    I do the click on the mountain deal to put in pics, but only 2 of them will show up and the rest show up like Why?
  5. CRF_Racer

    Pics of me on my track.

    DAMNIT!! why when I try to post pics only 2 of them ever work. It worked before they redid the site.
  6. pics are poor quailty cuz camera batterey was low and my scanner is crap. My mom took these pics so yea... In the video I have I get the bars on the ground(can't figure out how to get the video from video cam to comp). It was 15 degrees or so when these were taken so I have 2 pairs of jeans, long underwear, shirt, sweatshirt, and my snowmobile coat, I also have a broken foot in the pics and right now. small table mom took pic to soon like the rest of them either too late or too soon
  7. CRF_Racer

    post some pics of your injuries...

    These are from the same crash. I also had a punctured lung and 3 broken fingers. Broken femur Use to be a perfect outline of my peg
  8. CRF_Racer

    Project 250f PICS!!!!

    U californians are crazy.
  9. CRF_Racer

    Finally grew some...and jumped...

    Let's just hope you never do. :cry: Nice jump.
  10. CRF_Racer

    Stuntoberfest pics and vids...

    I see they are 2 cool for boots.
  11. Cool pics. What kind of helmet is that?
  12. CRF_Racer

    My boys KXF and his brothers YZF !!

    MXMAN where in South Dakota do you live? Nice bikes and kids you got but, you better get those garden hoses put away if you want them to last. :cry:
  13. That right there is a low rider!
  14. CRF_Racer

    Sharp foot pegs

    There is really nothing you can it will happen with sharp and dull pegs. Heres what my peg did to my back when I broke my femur and my own bike hit me in the air. Pic was taken a year later. It use to be a perfect outline of my peg. (im not fat its just the pic)