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  1. Its normal to have some small flakes after rebuild. I personally after a rebuild run the engine 15-20 min and drop the oil and filter and put fresh in. You would be surprised of the amount of metal grit thats in your oil after break in. Some may agree or disagree but the most wear that occurs in a engines life span is when you first start a rebuilt engine.
  2. if your still having trouble after cleaning/replacing the pilot jet then you might want to check for air leaks around the intake manifold.Those o rings are prone to leaking. Also make sure you have decent flow from the fuel valve and that its making it to the float bowl.
  3. might be the rs crank seal any loss in oil? Pull the spark pulg out and see if its soaked in oil if it smells like engine oil then its probably your crankseal is bad.
  4. if your really tight for cash you can file the notches down in a vise flush and it can save you some cash but remember its more prone to wearing now that the coatings off on the fingers. Might last you a couple of months if your hard on your clutch but ive had good luck with doing this lasted years on my bikes.
  5. it lost spark and while waiting to find a new cdi box i swapped recoils because the original was cobbled. so i never had it running with the differen`t recoil on it.
  6. i found my problem which my fault... the pullstart was messed up a while ago so a swapped it with one off a 340 jag snowmoblie but i did not realize that it turned cw instead of ccw. long story short the engine was turning over backwards the hole time. I toke a rope wrapped it around the flywheel and it fired right up and runs like a top. thanks again for the help
  7. thanks chuck for the help i have a clean blue spark if i pull hard on it but as for pulling it over slowly i can`t see anything. I can now get it to fire for a second it will shoot smoke out the carb. Its not backfiring but im thinking its getting too much fuel or the timing is off. Ive checked the timing on the cam and it lines up good and the timing chain is tight. Ive set the engine to the t on the flywheel and alined the generator to its slot. Ive also tried advancing and retarding with no success. If you have anymore suggestions feel free to messege back.
  8. I know i shouldn`t be posting in this but the three wheeler forum seemed dead so i thought i would get more response on here. Anyways i picked up a 1983 honda 185s from a friend he said it quit on him in the bush and he didn`t feel like messing with it so i bought it off of him cheap. I cleaned the carb,air filter and tank and what do you know it starts first pull. So i rode it for about a week and then all of a sudden it had no spark. I tested the coil,generator,stator which all tested good so i went out and bought a used cdi and now i have a clean blue spark . It gets plenty of fuel and has compression ive adjusted the valves the timing isn`t off. All i can get it to do is everyonce in a while it will fire but will not run. Any ideas?
  9. nice deals man i bought a 1995 cr250 not to long ago for 350 it had no spark so i searched ebay picked up a stator for 10 bucks got it running then sold it for 900 ha ha ha
  10. Break it in properly then change both oils in tranny and engine plus filter as soon as possible you would be suprised how much little fillings there are after break in also wouldn`t hurt to check the valves after a while also.
  11. u wash the bike when u were done riding?
  12. you need to move the bike back and forth in order for the bike for the bike to shift gears its just the way the tranny works most likely the bike is fine just try pushing back and forth while shifting and see what it does.
  13. just snug them up... 5-7 ft pounds sounds about right but i seriously wouldn`t bother unless you have a quality torque wrench.
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