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  1. a320drivr

    Buying a new TE510

    I think I just sold my KLX 400. Money not in hand yet. Reading all the info I have decided on the TE510 over the KTM or WR450. I live in Portland, OR. Can anyone tell me the price to pay for the 08 and where to go? The dealer down the interstate has them for 7.4k. I have never bought a new bike, so, is there anything else to ask for? Warranty? First MX? Is it a spendy bike to maintain? I understand the power up kit is a must. Do i need any skid plates or any other guards to purchase? I am 90 % technical trails 10-20 mph(Gifford Pinchot and Tillamook Forest), so is the stock gearing good? Thanks in advance, I hope things work out.
  2. a320drivr

    dr650 suspension and sprocket for dirt

    I gotta admit you fellows are right. i put a 12 on the front, stiffer springs front and rear and dunlop 606's; and yet the bike is a bit awkward on the trails, but great on anything above 20 mph. i have not done anything with the carb, but i will look into this, as i have had no issues with smoothness or power. truth be told, i wrote this on behalf of larger riding buddy, whom i do all the 'fixing' for, (i drive a 03 klx 400-which i really enjoy), but i am no light weight either, tipping the scales at 215 lbs. but anyway, with the weight and speeds that we ride at, the dr 650 may not have the dirt bike characteristics from the get go and we may not be able to make it what is best no matter what we do. i believe at the end of this season we will look into a husky 510 or whatever someone could recommend.
  3. a320drivr

    dr650 suspension and sprocket for dirt

    I just finished the springs, front and rear. Going to the trails tomorrow. I will let you know how it rides.
  4. a320drivr

    dr650 suspension and sprocket for dirt

    I understand the wear issue, understanding the miles we run (1000 miles/year-at low speeds/torque) I am not too concerned with that issue. But now that it is mentioned, the 12 sprocket is a rarity, i may not be able to find another one, when this does wear out. thanks
  5. a320drivr

    dr650 suspension and sprocket for dirt

    I found that Jim at Chris Products/PBI sprockets in Hillsboro OR, still has a 12. I then called kientech and ordered the heavy springs (f/r), they all should be here wednesday. Thanks for the help, I know the 12 will make riding better, but I am hoping the springs are easy to install AND make a handling diffrence on the trails.
  6. a320drivr

    dr650 suspension and sprocket for dirt

    i will call ironman sprockets on monday, i do not see a 12 on his chart, but i hope he makes one. thx
  7. a320drivr

    dr650 suspension and sprocket for dirt

    2007 DR650, currently running a 520 chain and 13/52 set up-- but it is still too fast for my riding. Nearly all dirt trails at speeds of 10-20 tops. Is there anyone who makes a 12 front sprocket? i have looked with no luck. i hear that a honda 650xr(?) makes a 12 and that will fit. has anyone heard of this, or have more info? also, i am weighing in at 300lbs, and my suspension is not keeping up. does anyone recommend a set-up or a place to call? thanks in advance.
  8. a320drivr

    unidentified wires found while doing free power mod

    thanks, that was fast!
  9. can someone help with these wires? this is my first klx400 (2003), sold my dakar 650 and gs 1150 adventure. i am having much more fun on this bike, but learning all the mods and mx is a steep learning curve. anyway, here are the wires: the first is a light green or lime color, found under the seat. (kick start switch wires?) http://i290.photobucket.com/albums/ll245/a320drivr/klx008.jpg this one is where the horn should be, i am guessing that is what it is, but i checked the volts and it is hot. (orange wire, then grounded to the radiator---- unless the horn switch makes a ground, which would make sense to operate horn) http://i290.photobucket.com/albums/ll245/a320drivr/klx010.jpg mx done: oil, coolant, plug, air cleaner, hand warmers (20 watt), rear rack. next to do:, brighter front and rear bulbs, horn, brake led, led battery monitor. low wattage fog lights. thanks in advance,
  10. nice pictures. i am starting to read about recommended mx, i.e. cam tensioners, 3x3(?), case savers etc... what are/have you done in this regard? i have looked for recommended 'things' to do with this bike, but not much luck finding a complete list. i may start a new post asking. thanks
  11. What kind of modifications would be necessary for a trip of 5000 miles? I have a 2003 model with heated grips, clarke tank, and a two tooth less sprocket for trail riding. I understand a seat modification is a must, but what specifically? what model of windscreen? what model luggage and rack? any bags over the rear seat? type of tires? size of sprocket? anything else? I plan on going in spring with a friend and his DR 650. thanks in advance.