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  1. The Deplorable

    Supercross TV schedule

    Looks like St Louis is off the list.
  2. The Deplorable

    #3 #94 #21 #25 Titles

    I think Kenny's injuries have matured him. I think he will be quick and consistent. But I agree, the points between him and Eli will get closer as the season goes on.
  3. The Deplorable

    #3 #94 #21 #25 Titles

    I want to think Barcia is a threat, but he's just one click from a consistent podium.
  4. The Deplorable

    #3 #94 #21 #25 Titles

    Vicodin does that to me, or anything codeine. Sort of a good thing, I could like Vicodin way too much.
  5. The Deplorable

    #3 #94 #21 #25 Titles

    - Eli to win - Kenny a distant 2nd - Jason 3rd, he and Ken close - Marv's knee... 4th if he puts off surgery
  6. The Deplorable

    Peick Injury

    I listened to it all. Poor guy.
  7. The Deplorable

    Peick Injury

    Depth perception. Without it, A1 would be certain suicide.
  8. The Deplorable

    Peick Injury

  9. The Deplorable

    Tickle Suspended

    While I agree with you, ignore it. Heavy religiously trolls the religious. It's easy to judge. [emoji106] He loves being offensive, and carries his inteligence with great pride.
  10. The Deplorable

    Savatgy, Zacho, or Plessinger?

    Rotator cuff, separated shoulder, both? Both my cuffs are messed up, but no surgery yet. I do have a type III separation. Five ligaments hold your shoulder to your collarbone, 3 are torn. Typical injury I think... big bump on shoulder, arm/shoulder hangs lower than before.
  11. The Deplorable

    Peick Injury

    "His trach and feeding tube may come out tomorrow"
  12. The Deplorable

    Savatgy, Zacho, or Plessinger?

    I feel his pain. [emoji849]
  13. The Deplorable

    Savatgy, Zacho, or Plessinger?

    199 is a walking, breathing, injury.
  14. The Deplorable

    Savatgy, Zacho, or Plessinger?

    It effected #5, but he also had accomplished a lot. Martin may still be hungry. Maybe. One guy that never seemed effected by serious injury, Doug Henry.
  15. The Deplorable

    7x16 enclosed trailer

    When due for tires go with 8 ply d range tires. Maybe load wise you don't need them, but the 6 ply c range get the sidewalls cut very easily if you clip a curb.