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  1. 341

    Mountain Bike Only Trails

    I kind of did a drive by posting of this subject because I hadn't seen a similar discussion here before. My purpose was to get this type of conversation going. It sounds like we need to copy/paste the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance template for our own use. Thanks to all who joined in this round table type of discussion. I will try to do some homework on how/what EMBA does and make inquiries at my local forest service office as to how we can have the same privilege too. Troy341
  2. 341

    Mountain Bike Only Trails

    How does the mountain bike community get to make new mountain bike only trails? Around Wenatchee, they are putting in trails at Squilchuck State Park, up #2 Canyon, at Echo Ridge in Chelan, and in Leavenworth too. These are US Forest service and State Park lands. I assume that they have lots of money through the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance and other groups, but how do they get to be the only ones that have permission to add single user group trails? No motorcycles, no horses and I assume no hikers either. What did they do to get permission, and how can we take advantage of their experience so that we can get new trails too? Troy341
  3. Wenatchee Devil's Gulch. Single track dirt bike and mountain biking. Mission Ridge ski area, best small area in state, 15 minutes from town. Chelan. 55 miles of the most beautiful lake and a buttload of wineries for your wife. Columbia river. Fishing, boating Leavenworth. Bavarian madness, mountain biking, single track. Colockum. Elk and deer hunting, green dot roads. Don't move here. We don't need more people. Troy341
  4. 341

    Spromberg Canyon

    That helps. Thanks. Troy341
  5. 341

    Spromberg Canyon

    Have any of you intrepid explorers ridden up Spromberg canyon off of Chumstik and does it go back to Ranger or anywhere else? Thanks. Troy341
  6. 341

    Dual Registered DOL fubar

    My converted CRF had the street license dropped. My old XL500 which was street legal from day one also had the street license dropped. Phone calls to Olympia cleared it up. No extra money, but a pain nevertheless. Troy341
  7. 341

    password recovery

    I can't remember password, therefore can't change it or log in on my mobile. Where is the "Can't remember password?" button? Troy
  8. Thanks. That appears to have done it. Troy
  9. On my notifications settings page it says: "Your browser has enabled desktop notifications, allowing us to tell you when there's new content even if you aren't active in this window." How do I turn this off? I did not turn it on so that I get a crapload of emails from TT. Thanks. Troy
  10. 341

    Any 1982 XL500 Honda fans out there?

    This is an old post, but check it out. Troy341
  11. When I crashed and broke bones road racing my sister would always tell me that I was gonna have arthritis from my injuries. Well, she has arthritis now (I, of course have arthritis too) but I have a life lived behind my aches and pains. I cherish the memories I've made and keep making. Live, because no one gets out alive. Troy341
  12. 341

    1981 XR500R rebuild.

    I have an '82 XL500 and I had to cut the seat down to get feet down. I combined the seat pan from an '89 CR250 and the XL and the foam from both to lower it. Good luck. Troy341
  13. 341

    1982 Honda XR 500 seat height help.

    I could simply walk out to my garage and measure it, but I won't. Not because I'm making a point about your weak google-fu but because mine has CR250 forks, an XR350 shock and a cut down seat. It won't help you, but I'd do it if I could, sorry. Good luck with your search. Troy341
  14. I break ribs on a regular basis, are any of these better than others for rib protection? Thanks. Troy341