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  1. Did some searching. What new year parts fit these. Looking for a exhaust. Also can you put a different brake setup on the rear. With rotor etc. Maier makes plastic. Any other companies.
  2. my88r

    May which 2 storke oil brands.

    I would say drain the tank with the other mix gas. Start fresh with your new oil. Maybe get the gas out of the carb to. Then start fresh...
  3. my88r

    May which 2 storke oil brands.

    Yea, that what i will run if i which to klotz 40:1. Think either R-50 or 2-cycle techiplate tc-w3 i will run. Hows there benol 2-cycle racing castor or there techniplate synthetic 2-storke oil run??
  4. Thinking about going from amsoil dominator to a klotz oil. Which klotz oil would be best for the 06 ktm 200xc. I can get klotz buy the gallons cheaper. Or should i stay with what i have???
  5. With road legal dual sport bikes. You can go alot more places.
  6. Any new places??? Always up for a new place to go!!
  7. my88r

    Ktm 200 clutch and lever

    The belray gear saver is a SAE 80w-90. could oil weight affect it that much??
  8. my88r

    Ktm 200 clutch and lever

    Belray gear saver..
  9. my88r

    Ktm 200 clutch and lever

    I'm talking about the clutch lever adjustment:worthy:
  10. my88r

    Ktm 200 clutch and lever

    I did some searching. I notice my bike when i start it in gear in moves forward. Seems to be a sufficient amount. Is this do to the lever turned to much. Its a 06. oil color is fine and no metal shavings. Don't want the adjuster turned in to much and drag the clutch. You guys got any suggestions???
  11. Anyone racing this winter???
  12. my88r

    FMF Q Stealth - super quiet?

    I have read that there is jetting problems. Because it quiets the bike to much. I run the Regular Q. No jetting problems. Its on the quiet side. But i run a fmf gnarly also..
  13. my88r

    Shane Watts Badly Injured

    Get well soon!!!. I plan to do one of your schools one of these days.
  14. Any new places out there????. I found to news ones:ride: