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  1. oldSkewl

    Husky Memorial Riders List

    I'll be there Saturday at 8AM camp B: ElBuro - Steve E (was DRZ400S, was KDX200, was XR600R, now a Burro)
  2. oldSkewl

    bike is finished

    Where did you get the SuperMoto wheels? How much? Use the stock hubs?
  3. oldSkewl

    400cc DS vs. KDX200???

    Sold my modified 03 DRZ-400$ and bought a 05 KDX-200. I didn't like the DRZ on the highway or the dirt. To light for the road and way to top heavy in the dirt. Buy the KDX, add a FMF Desert Pipe, get the right springs for your weight, and drop the gearing a bit. KDX WAY MORE FUN! Enough said...
  4. I'm thinking about buying a 93 XR600R in AZ. It is dual sported there. Can I transfer the AZ title in CA at the DMV? Just walk in and transfer it and get a CA plate? Is this a problem? I know about the 7500 mile rule but since its a 1993 model that should not be a problem. Thanks in advance.
  5. oldSkewl


    How about resistor in plug cap?
  6. oldSkewl

    Show off your Dual Sports!!!

    1998 XR600R, FMF, Ohlins shock, White Bros fork mods, custom Excel HD rear wheel, D952's, IMS 4gal, IMS pegs, Baja Designs Kit, Cyra Pro-Bend guards, Garmin Etrex Vista CX GPS, CR-HI bend, Scotts Damper, Acerbis mirror, Acerbis fork/disc guard, XR's only choke plate and oil temp guage. Next, Scotts Shark fin.
  7. oldSkewl


    Here's the old girl:
  8. Are the 1992 and 1998 XR600R frames identical? Can I bolt up a 98 motor in a 92 chassis? Can I build one great bike from the best parts of the two? Thanks in advance
  9. oldSkewl

    Lost Coyotes Mojave ride

    Paul Krause. You're kidding? Right?
  10. oldSkewl

    Lost Coyotes Mojave ride

    Great ride. Start was a little cold at 27 degrees but it got better all day. I rode my plated 98 XR600R with the "BannersUp" group less Bily (founder). I really enjoyed the hardways, choked on all the dust, got beat up riding the whoops to Husky Monument, and ended the day with a dirty smile planted on my face. One of our group had a flat at Husky so we bailed early and escorted him back to Astro Taco. Nothing like running the powerline road parallel to Hwy 395 and passing traffic. Also a BIG huevos award goes to the guy on the KTM Adventure 950!
  11. oldSkewl

    Lost Coyotes event Dec.30th.

  12. oldSkewl

    Lost Coyotes event Dec.30th.

    Correction. Bannerisup crew will be 7 confirmed.
  13. oldSkewl

    Lost Coyotes event Dec.30th.

    I'll be there but no KDX this time. I'll be bringing out the "new to me" XR600R. Looks like the "BannersUp" group plus friends should be about 12 riders. See ya on Saturday!
  14. oldSkewl

    Lost Coyotes event Dec.30th.

    ^^^ bump