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  1. Not really. If need be we can probably get the porta potty guy to dump you when he's in the area though. We will have propane again by the way. The Cenex will be open regular business hours on Sat. for both events! The tank is on the west side of the building. Someone will be around, you may have to poke your head inside and holler though. They aren't normally open on Sat. so be sure to thank them! laters, marlon
  2. mkschafer

    Present Odessa conditions ?

    Been raining. And raining and raining and raining. Lots of wind too. Oh yeah, it's been raining. Gonna be awesome riding! marlon
  3. Hi All, I just got the rules for the ORV route from the Town of Odessa Marshall: http://www.odessachamber.net/documents/ORV%20Rules%202011.pdf Laters, marlon
  4. The ORV route into downtown will be OPEN again. You MUST be a licensed driver though. I'm still waiting on an electronic copy of the rules and will post them on the web site as soon as I get them. www.odessachamber.net/bikeweek If you have any questions please feel free to call. (509) 988-0260 cell marlon
  5. I have signed the paperwork for the high school gym showers. No set schedule, but if people want to get in I can make it happen. Laters, marlon
  6. Hi All, I'm trying to get an idea of how many people are planning to stay in Odessa between the races or are coming in a few days early for the Desert 100? Time to start ordering porta johns etc. Still room for vendors down town for the trade show too. See ya all in a couple of weeks! marlon
  7. mkschafer

    Odessa Bikeweek

    Say, I have a question for you guys. Last year we opened up the showers at the high school gym. But no one used them. I have to work on our schedules so I'd like to know if there is any interest in showers. I can open them from Wed. through Sat. night. Thoughts? marlon
  8. mkschafer

    Odessa Bikeweek

    You bet! Closer to the north in both camp sites will give you the strongest signals. marlon
  9. mkschafer

    Washington Odessa Bikeweek

    Hi All, Great news! Odessa Bikeweek is on for another year. http://www.odessachamber.net/bikeweek.php We've got a lot of details to work out yet so keep a close eye on the web site. This year will be really cool because the Frostbite and White Knuckle events are only a week before the Destert 100! Jerry Schafer and Neil Jeske are again opening up hundreds of acres of land for your riding pleasure between those two events. So far it also looks like the Town of Odessa will open up some city streets for the event, stay at the RV park and ride out to the course areas just outside of town! (PLEASE be sure to read and follow the rules layed out at the above site.) So come on out to the Hare Scramble then stick around Odessa for the week before moving to the D100 site. Or, just come to Odessa early this year, stay just outside of town, hit the Northwests only Dirt Bike only trade show then take a nice relaxing drive out to the D100 camping area. OK, having layed out some basics, I could use some help from all of you. First off, the Chamber of Commerce will run the show floor a little bit differently this year. We'll open late and close later. Noon till 8 or 10 pm. Ride all day, talk to the dealers in the evening. Or during the day as you'll be able to ride your dirt bike right to the show hall! We are also going to open the trade show up to more vendors this year. Lance with Experience Power Sports did an amazing job for filling the floor space last year but we found that it's just too much for one shop to cover. If you have a favorite dealership, manufacturer, vendor etc. please have them contact me and we'll see what we can do to get them some space. Just like last year there is no cost to ber at this event, either as an attendee or as a vendor (though we will set up a donation bucket so we can try to get some utilities funds to the town). My email address is ooe@odessaoffice.com and my cell phone is 5099880260. laters, marlon (President, Odessa Chamber of Commerce)
  10. mkschafer

    Before and after economics for Odessa's events

    The local restaraunts, grocery store and gas station have reported about a 20% over normal rate to me. This is for all three days that people are in town. Part of the reason that the Chamber of Commerce put on the Bikeweek event was to give everyone a place and a reason to come to town earlier. We're still evaluating the Bikeweek thing though. It was certainly not a smashing success. As a first year event we learned a lot though. Closing the pass doesn't seem to be helpful. Good signage is a must. Gotta provide transportation from the site to town. No one uses the school showers. It's a LOT of work to put on! grin marlon
  11. mkschafer

    ***DeSeRt 100 StOrIeS***

    My middle one rode on sat. He and a bunch of friends, including his older brother, put in one lap of the poker run. When they got back my oldest asked if he could run into town (to the Bikeweek show) and pick up a chest protector. Sure thing. He took his little brother along. They called while there and asked if Sam could also have a chest protector. Sure. "Um, they are kinda expensive". Yep. "Like $100." Yep. "Each." Yep. "OK, thanks dad!" You bet. They came back out and did another lap of the poker run. Next thing I knew I got a call from the wife. "They have Sam strapped to a back board and are taking him to the hospital!" YIKES! I ran up to the command post and asked if he was able to move his toes. "Yes" came the answer. That was a VERY long 5 minutes!!!! Luckily he *only* had a broken wrist and a lot of bumps and bruises. He still says his back hurt more than his wrist :-) Go figure. Andy and his friend Randy road the wr450 as team riders on Sunday. No injuries other than a bent rim on the bike! laters, marlon
  12. mkschafer

    Odessa Bike Week

    No. Can you just imagine the mess that would exist if someone managed to tip one over and got a single camper on fire? shudder I don't think there is a problem with the propane fired ones though. They can easily be shut off if something happens. http://cgi.ebay.com/Propane-Firepit-LP-Campfire-Portable-Yard-Camp-Fire-Pit_W0QQitemZ380167055995QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item5883b8ea7b These are great! http://cgi.ebay.com/Portable-Propane-Heater-80-000-BTU_W0QQitemZ120551974194QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item1c11752532 Don will correct me if I'm wrong here. I know I speak for the parking area just south of town (white knuckle site).... laters, marlon
  13. mkschafer

    Odessa Bike Week

    Yes. Unless they've already been sold.... Last I knew, however, there WOULD still be bikes to try. marlon
  14. mkschafer

    Odessa Bike Week

    Here's a bit of an update. Tony T. and I spent some time marking the route into town today. Just follow the GREEN ribbons and orange/black arrows and you'll be OK. Remember to PUSH your bike across the two highway crossings. I'll have signs up for them so you'll not be able to claim that you didn't now it was the highway.... Can't speak for the D100 site but charcoal grills are OK at the Bikeweek site. Just no open fires. The Portapotties and dumpsters are already on site so all is ready there. It's supposed to rain this Friday:thumbsup: laters, marlon
  15. mkschafer

    Odessa Bike Week

    You bet. And at the White Knuckle parking area and at the community center. marlon