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  1. Colorado Kid,

    My brother and I are coming to Colorado in August with Polaris 850 Sportmans.  We love hills, water crossings and want to se ethe elevation.  We will be there a week.  Can you suggest a target central location to get a cabin and 2-3 trail systems to go after?  We will probably only do this once as we normally ride way out east in West Virginia or Kentucky.

    Mike T

    812 580 8124

    1. Colorado Kid

      Colorado Kid

      Hello, I would suggest Ouray Colorado area, August is the perfect time to visit this area. The wild flowers should be in full bloom. There is a KOA campground outside Ouray that has cabins. There are other campgrounds closer to town. Ouray has a large newly remodeled hot springs for soaking after a days ride. Some elevations are above 12,000ft. You will need to trailer to the trailheads each day. Liability insurance and a out of state OHV tags are required since all of the riding will be on County 4x4 roads. I have been to area several times and it never gets old. Google alpine loop. There is also a book published by funtreks that focuses on this area. Silverton has 2 steam trains per day that arrive at around lunch time. There are many mining camps. attached are some photos. If you have any questions let me know. Tim







      Ouray Vacation 047.JPG

  2. Colorado Kid

    Input needed to open roads on Divide 717 system

    Thanks It worked for me
  3. http://cohvco.clubexpress.com/content.aspx?page_id=722&club_id=95320&emtid=54423171785&mtid=140111880908&ht=0
  4. http://cohvco.clubexpress.com/content.aspx?page_id=722&club_id=95320&emtid=54423171785&mtid=140111880908&ht=0
  5. Colorado Kid

    500 miles of Colorado motorized access threatened.

    The Guy I talked to at Trails Preservation Alliance said you need to be specific with forest service trail numbers as listed on the MVUM. Trail names wont work. Dont say that trail xyz is fun to ride. It has to have a useful purpose. Hunting access, connector trail. Easy for new riders, Great views, Goes to my favorite fishing spot, Camping possibilities, Close to home.........It is better to do individually than as a group. Unless your group has adopted an area. I have forwarded this to other clubs that had no idea this was going on. Need to spread the word.
  6. Colorado Kid

    500 miles of Colorado motorized access threatened.

    Proposal B closed pretty much every trail in those 2 National Forests. COHVCO and Trails preservation alliance were there. They recommended proposal D. I learned a lot by asking questions that a website could not. I drove a long way also but was well worth it for me. Some of those trails if closed will affect hunting, tourism and search and rescue.
  7. Attend these meetings. Motor vehicle use maps to be changed. Many areas affected including 717 and Rampart Range. See link for meeting dates http://cohvco.clubexpress.com/content.aspx?page_id=722&club_id=95320&emtid=52071316312&mtid=140111880908&ht=0
  8. Meetings in Salida and Colorado Springs. San Isabel and Pike National Forest If you cant attend, send letters. 717 and Rampart Range areas included http://cohvco.clubexpress.com/content.aspx?page_id=722&club_id=95320&emtid=52071316312&mtid=140111880908&ht=0
  9. Colorado Kid

    Rainbow Trail, South End, Where to Start?

    South end starts at Medano pass trail head south of Westcliffe.
  10. Colorado Kid

    Colorado Divide 717 conditions?

    With all the rain lately. How is it out there?
  11. Colorado Kid

    KLX 250 Bill blue 351 big bore kit

    Here is the reply from Baja Designs about the D/C conversion. Go Green Hello, No problem, I will send you a direct link to the parts that you are looking for. It will be the stator rewind and a DC regulator/ rectifier. If your bike does not have electric start , you will most likely need a battery. If you are going toward one of our LED’s you can either buy those parts separately or go with an EZ Mount Accessory Kit. Go ahead and give me a call when you are ready and I would be more than happy to help you place your order! Thank You. Michael Vargas http://www.bajadesigns.com/ProductDetail?ItemNumber=126003 http://www.bajadesigns.com/ProductDetail?ItemNumber=122004 http://www.bajadesigns.com/ProductDetail?ItemNumber=120315 http://www.bajadesigns.com/ProductDetail?ItemNumber=611051
  12. Colorado Kid

    KLX 250 Bill blue 351 big bore kit

    I did it a while ago as a homemade conversion I found somewhere. I basically Installed a bridge rectifier from radio shack. It converts the a/c power from the stator to d/c power. I also installed a 7 amp hour battery. This keeps the lights from dimming at low rpms. I installed the Trail Tech X2 headlight and it draws a lot of power. Incandescent lights will work on a/c or d/c. L.E.D lights or fans will only operate on d/c power. This is why the later klx 250s have electric start and d/c electrical system. I contacted Baja Designs and they will rewind my stator to a 130 watt output. They also have a plug and play voltage regulator/rectifier/battery set up to convert to d/c. I will probably undo everything I did and go that route. I contacted Trail Tech and they are working on a L.E.D. upgrade of the X2 which I may also go to. Go Green
  13. Colorado Kid

    KLX 250 Bill blue 351 big bore kit

    Turning my 300 to a 331 wouldnt be cost effective. I thought there was a water jacket around the cylinder? I converted my electrical system to DC power like the 250s. I run a electric fan on the right radiator. It makes a big difference with the slow mountain riding. Go Green
  14. Colorado Kid

    KLX 250 Bill blue 351 big bore kit

    You asked the same question I was thinking about posting. I already have a over sized exhaust And Dynojet kit in my carb. All free mods for my 07 300. My only concern is that I like my gas mileage 60mpg before switching to reserve. Also, Is the cooling system going to handle the additional heat? This is where it is better to convert a 250 since they have a cooling fan for the radiator. Wish I knew of someone that had this already installed for a test ride. Most of my riding is at high altitude. Go Green