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  1. shrub73

    2013 250xc jetting

    If you are going to stick with Saber run it at 80:1. It was made to run at that ratio..all the way up to 100:1. If you are not comfortable running at those ratios select a different premix that you find yourself comfortable following.
  2. shrub73

    RK Tek Dome Testing TPI

    His sig reflects 300.
  3. shrub73

    Joined the club!

    Dude that bike is gorgeous! Congrats man.
  4. shrub73

    STIC testing on 300

    Good review. I feel the same way with mine.
  5. shrub73

    STIC testing on 300

    Thanks for the review. Mirrors much of my thoughts as well running a STIC on 2017 KTM 250XC.
  6. shrub73

    2019 KTM 300 XC Jetting

    I didn't notice much of a difference on throttle pull.
  7. shrub73

    2019 KTM 300 XC Jetting

    I have one I'll sell ya. Lectron HV Mule from Slavens w/5-1 rod. Gets great mileage.
  8. shrub73

    RK tek head and shoulders above the rest!

    Yep, stand up guy. Not many left.
  9. shrub73

    Skid plate for 2019 300xc

    I have the AXP on my 2017 KTM 250XC. Would buy it again.
  10. shrub73

    2strokenut's 5.3hr TPI 300 review

  11. shrub73

    Rust on header pipe

    I have an FMF fatty factory pipe. Just a wipe down with WD40 between rides and after washes is all thats needed to prevent rust like you see there. The rust however will not effect performance. Same holds true with the Pro Circuit works pipes.
  12. shrub73

    2strokenut's 5.3hr TPI 300 review

    Is there more than one insert going on there?