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  1. devanlt230e

    87 quadsport 230-o3 ltz400 question

    i am rebuilding my 230e amd it is just a pain in the but to trace any problems that i encounter
  2. devanlt230e

    87 quadsport 230-o3 ltz400 question

    wow what did you do not put oil in it and pegg it out
  3. devanlt230e

    snorkel for eiger 400

    i have an 87 lt230e i used o hose for a wet/dry shopvac and was able to use factory parts and fit it to the carb and it works perfectly fine i also put an elbow at the end pointing up so water don't get in from rain i just used metal rods and hoseclamps to hold it up i attached it to the front rack
  4. devanlt230e

    87 quadsport 230-o3 ltz400 question

    i know mine has electric start but others have kick start but on mine all the wiring is fryed i think also my timing is off
  5. devanlt230e

    i got a ? about a lt230

    i just rebuitl mt top end for lt230e this month and for the boring out and the parts it cost me $204 and i did it myself my only problem is that i can't remember the timing and now i don't even have spark
  6. devanlt230e

    87 quadsport 230-o3 ltz400 question

    i have an 87 lt230e is that the same one you have that has the bad motor
  7. devanlt230e

    LT230 Quadsport plastics on a Quadrunner?

    the hood is removable making it easier to romove or install the fenders
  8. devanlt230e

    LT230------- piston size?

    well they 87 has a 66.00 bore size
  9. devanlt230e

    lt 230e-H running problems

    it has a brand new ngk spark plug but that still don't explain the wiring
  10. devanlt230e

    lt 230e-H running problems

    anyone have any ideas i don't want to do something that will mess up the atv anymore than what it already is if someone knows how to fix it
  11. devanlt230e

    picked up an lt250r

    i have a lt230e that ran when i got it but the rings were bad but i paid $500 for it but i had to go 2 sizes up with a new piston then get it honed if i was you i would go with a piston bigger than what the walls are now then get the walls honed to fit
  12. devanlt230e

    86 LT 230 Drive Chain issues

    i have an 87 lt 230 e and the chain done the same on mine but i have a new chain now but the only proble is that the person i bought it from was the one who sent me the new chain but i do know that he got it from parts unlimited and that it is about 1/2 to 1 link shorter than the original chain
  13. devanlt230e

    86 LT230GE Rear Brakes

    i am glad that my atv has front and rear disk brakes so i don't have all the trouble of dealing with drums but my atv is a 87 lt 230 e
  14. devanlt230e

    Suzuki lt 230e-H running problems

    i just did a top end engine rebuild on my atv i bored it out and put a high compression wiseco piston in it but i have the timing at right before top dead center and the carb is clean but it still won't run Does anyone have any ideas of what might be wrong i also have a wiring issue with it nothing is working so i am having to jump the the wires to turn the starter is their something i need to check for