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  1. jho410

    new 2013 ktm 450 xcw

    Keep in mind that I am in California so I had a super lean map. Canada may be different but either way, the dealer should be able to re-map it. Yes, love the bike so far. The motor is awesome - love fuel injection.
  2. jho410

    new 2013 ktm 450 xcw

    Have the dealer put the Euro map on your bike. It's 5% richer on the bottom and 2% richer across the rest of the throttle openings. I only have about 50 miles on my bike so far but the fan has yet to come on - expected it would on tight single track but never did.
  3. Thanks guys. I also have a Guts seat on my race bike and like it but I mostly stand when riding that bike (450 XC-F). The Guts on the 690 feels comfy enough initially but I have felt a little discomfort when sitting for 1.5-2 hrs. Would rather spend $350 for something I know will be comfy as opposed to another $150 seat which may or may not be an improvement. I may just tough it out this coming dual sport trip. BTW, I have the super wide Pivot Pegz and highly recommend them. took them off my 450 to test and now will need to invest in another pair.
  4. Hi - curious as to which seat you went with? I have the Guts (never ridden the stocker) and it's ok but thinking a better seat is in order. Renazco is what I am leaning towards but wondering how the Seat Concepts seat feels. Thanks.
  5. I've made my 08 YZ450F into a great trail bike (A Senior enduro racer, midpack). Most, if not all, of my past bikes have been motocross bikes converted to trail racing. Why? Lightweight, lightweight and, uh, lightweight . It's now time to consider a new bike AND one that is made for offroad riding/racing. It appears that purpose made offroad bikes are finally good enough and light enough (or lightweight feeling --- i.e. Husaberg FX) to make this move. Priorities for a 400 or 450 1. Lightweight/feels lightweight 2. Good stock suspension for woods - revalve would be in the cards down the road. 3. FI or the button or both Will not consider: - WR: heavy - CRFX: heavy - Suzuki - Kawasaki - $10k OTD bike (ie Husaberg - too bad, these are great bikes) Given this, I am either back to a 2010 YZ450 with the challenges for oversize gas tank and other added expenses to make it offroad worthy, OR, and this is my preference, a KTM. KTM seems to make the most sense. SO, which one? - 400 XC-W: this is what I'd really like to have but it's heavy (keep in mind that I am coming off a YZ450F). Don't need lights and prefer close ratio tranny for woods. Does it feel heavy to ride? No idea but looking for comments from 450 motocross bike to trail bike converts. Is a 6 speed wide ratio tranny ok for woods - not too much of a spread between gears? - 450 XC: no longer offered and same concerns as above if W model considered. New 2009 450 XCs are still around so this is also an option. - 450 SXF: 2010 modded for offroad; latest Dirt Rider review looks good. I'm not in a hurry so I have time. There is a KTM demo day at a local OHV area this Sunday so I'll check out the KTMs. Appreciate your comments.
  6. That was the ticket --- at least one of those suggestions was. I soaked the pilot jet all night and then blew it out with compressed air. Also put in new gas. Started first kick and popping is gone. I am now ready for opening day this Thursday, Oct. 1. Hope my boss isn't a T'talker :-) Thanks for the help guys.
  7. Steve - no, I was lazy and didn't drain the bowl. Instead, I started riding my green stickered YZ250 and forgot all about it. Gray - I think you're right. Will get some fresh gas tomorrow and let the pilot soak in WD40 or similar tonight. Thanks guys.
  8. I put my RED STICKERED (yes, California) 08 YZ450F away in June when it was approximately 70-80 degrees and it was running well. I pulled it out this week and started her with the old gas ... some popping as though it's very lean. Figured it was the old gas so I went on with getting her race ready - checked valves, replaced oil/coolant/lubed bearings/etc and cleaned her up. Started her again and the same irritating pop on decel. The gas I used this time was old but it was in a metal race gas container so I figure it's still good. I cranked the fuel screw open about 3.5 turns and it gets better but still pops a bit. This usually tells me to go up on the pilot but I'm already at 48 and it was running fine prior to storage (btw, running 160 main, stock everything else at about 1800 ft in Santa Cruz Mtns ---- about 95 degrees today). What gives? Carb needs cleaning? Air leak somewhere?
  9. jho410

    So cal desert riding gearing

    What Gray suggests is about right. It really depends on whether you are going to ride rocky, technical uphills. If so, I would remove a tooth or two from the rear. If not, I would consider adding a tooth to the counter sprocket. When we ride Baja for fun, we run this gearing and it is about perfect.
  10. jho410

    Regina and DID chains

    I went with the Regina on recommendations from others (as did my riding buddy) and we both experienced kinked master links. I replace the master and everything seems to be ok but I've never had this issue with any other brand. Going back to DID.
  11. jho410

    yes, its another boots thread....

    I love it. "Tech 8's are the way to go" and I just happen to have a few pair for sale.
  12. jho410

    Smoke from oil breather?

    Timing chain is brand new with 290 kit as of 1 month/20 hours ago. Will do - thanks. I'm picking up a 08 YZ450 this week so I'll probably get to that a bit later ... I will need to fix her up before selling. I will miss her after 3 years, 2 big bores (262 hi comp, 290) and rides all over the Western States. What a great bike
  13. jho410

    Smoke from oil breather?

    I neglected to mention that when I first started riding in the morning, it was fine. Then, about 10 minutes later, it was smoking like a 2 stroke while running. It was hard to start when this was occurring but it still ran well. I continued to ride but kept the RPMs moderate and the smoking stopped after 30 minutes or so but would still puff smoke on start only with some through the breather (as mentioned previously). It seems odd that it would correct itself unless a valve was partially stuck open or maybe a ring spun (not sure this is possible). Just noticed your response SUnruh - when it smoking while running, it was on decel.
  14. When I start the bike, a little smoke comes out of the oil breather hose. This is a new condition on a 05 YZ250F with a 290 kit (about 20 hours on it). Also connected, I'm sure, is a small puff of smoke out of the muffler when I start it. Again, this just started happening as of my last ride - still runs great, starts easily, oil level is fine. Could it be a valve (3 adjustments) or perhaps one of the piston rings?
  15. jho410

    which 08' 450

    Ever had a problem with the bike not starting with the button and getting stuck?