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  1. teeroyfte

    Aerial View of my track

    cool man, have driven past there many times heading onto the sierra....nice job
  2. teeroyfte

    What was your most embarrassing crash?

    my buddy is president of a local car club and they had a show in the local sporting complex....show and shine type of deal and a poker rally for the participants. there were bikes and cars in the show, and when we all pulled out of the arena to head out on the poker rally I got onto the street and pulled a wheelie on my '01 XR 650L....shift 'er to second, all good....then third....grabbed fourth....then looped it out. as I'm sliding down the street at about 45mph trying to keep the bike from sliding into the parked cars lining both sides of the street, I notice I'm sliding past the soccer field full of 16 yr old girls....of course they were all stopped to watch this moron surfing a 300+ lb dual sport down the street on it's side. nice....
  3. found this in the rear tire of my kx500 after picking it up from the bike shop. headed 900 miles north on a biking holiday in whitehorse yukon and the tire went flat. wondered what that vibration was.....
  4. teeroyfte

    Strange Rattle or Knock after getting new valves.

    I had a similar problem after I rebuilt the top end on my 450x, fired it up and it ran fine but was making a rattle kind of noise. I backed the cam chain tensioner off and heard a "click", I think that the tensioner guide somehow got beside the chain or something and when I backed it off it snapped back into place. fired it up again and the noise was gone.
  5. teeroyfte

    Any Alberta Riders?

  6. teeroyfte

    Close calls!

    most recent one.....took my 450x for the first ride after doing the top end this summer, just a leisurely rip down a gravel road to make sure everything was going to stay together. wound it up hard for a stretch and a deer popped out from the trees and ran across the road in front of me. I barely missed it, would have been ugly. caught it on helmetcam, it happens at the 1:05 mark....would have clipped it shorter but computer is too slow to edit HD video
  7. teeroyfte

    Club Jerseys

    my buddy owns a snowmobile accessories company up here in Canada called Summer Sucks, and every year we custom order different hockey style jerseys from Projoy to wear while riding. They will make them with any design of your choice, all sublimated graphics and heavy material. I just checked their site and it looks like they only do hockey and lacrosse jerseys, tried a google search and couldn't find anyone that makes a full custom mx jersey like projoy does with the hockey jerseys. the lacrosse jerseys might be a bit lighter material, but would still be in a hockey jersey cuthere are a couple of pics of some we have custom ordered I wear them riding the bike too
  8. teeroyfte

    Who's been riding 30 years?

    you are from a half hour west of me, I used to jam with Duane and Rocking Horse back in the day, our bands would always meet up at the corn huskers bash or Tangent music festival....good times. bought many hondas from Cycle West over the years
  9. teeroyfte

    close encounters of the venison kind

    I was vibing pretty good after that, took a few minutes to calm down....lol
  10. teeroyfte

    close encounters of the venison kind

    pretty sure I pulled a chunk off that gripper seat cover with my sphincter
  11. teeroyfte

    close encounters of the venison kind

    I was leading the pack, two other bikes and a couple of UTV's were behind me. one of them was the fire chief from town, he would have known the right procedure....but I would have been seriously mangled on that gravel and it would have been an hour or more before any first responders would reach the scene. bike has 15/47 gearing so I estimate my speed at around 85-90 mph....would have been ugly for sure. was a quick rip on a hot day and I wasn't wearing any upper body armour....won't happen again.
  12. was out riding on the weekend, putting a few miles on the fresh top end when I had a close call with a deer that scampered across the road in front of me. it makes it's cameo appearance at the 1:05 mark....
  13. teeroyfte

    New top end siezed. Reasons why??

    thanks, went better than I had hoped! after 5 seasons and 150+ (?) hrs the left intake valve was zero'd out, right was .0045, and both exhaust valves were still in spec. changed piston, rings, and valves. only stumble I ran into was the cam chain tensioner....had to run back home and do a TT search for the "git-r-done" technique of releasing the tensioner (small flat blade screwdriver, or just pull the damn thing out). took the head to the honda shop for them to install the valves, they even did it for free. back up and running as good as it ever did....thanks TT got it out for a test run on the weekend, was hauling ass down a gravel road, WFO in 5th heading to the trails, when a deer popped out and ran across in front of me....got it recorded on my Drift HD170 Stealth that was mounted to the mirror arm. way too close for comfort....
  14. teeroyfte

    Magura hydro clutch 450R v 450x

    hm450 is correct, the starter is in the spot on the X where the 450R bracket mounts on.
  15. teeroyfte

    What is the point of a Auto Clutch?

    so that is normal operation? if a guy even shut off the bike, it would want to roll backwards while in gear? kind of takes the fun out of trying shit like this....