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    My DRZ Mods

    Heres the Dyno Chart.................
  2. chosek

    My DRZ Mods

    I bought an FCR39 carby, but the mechanic reckoned I'd get the extra horses without the new carby. Picked up the bike today, got the Dyno readings, it shows 47 HP, purely from the powerbomb header and FMF Muffler, K&N air filter and airbox cut outs. They reckon that they could fit the FCR carby, but at best I'd get another two HP out of it. Also he reckoned that the existing carb would make the bike heaps smoother and more reliable than the FCR Carb. Dont think I need it, I'm stoked! Only thing is that the exhaust is heaps louder. Coming home with the bike I do what I normally do and hoist the front wheel up about half a metre, today after the mods I did the same thing and nearly flipped back.............Got lots of new learning to do.
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