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  1. Doogee57

    Doogee's Bro's Hawk Porting

    Just sent the cylinders off to millennium to get bored for the new pistons. Working on the header pipes. I'll have some pics of them in a day or two. After I finish the head tubes I'll do the front head to match Mix's work on the rear head. Then I can begin to slap er back together.
  2. Doogee57

    Doogee's Bro's Hawk Porting

    I'm currently working on the head tubes. It almost seems more difficult trying to get them to match up and fit the existing header than making a whole system from scratch. The front cylinder, in particular, is really tricky because of it's weird bends. I'll get there. Tomorrow or Friday the cylinders are going off to Millennium for boring for the new 82mm pistons.
  3. Doogee57


    It fits, no issues. As far as the strength goes, D.I.D gives the actual numbers. It would last a little longer I suspect. I bought the VX because I found it about 10-15 bucks cheaper than the VT and I still wanted to get a premium chain. I've been riding for over 45 years and learned long ago that cheap chains have no where near the durability of premium chains. I always buy premium chains for all my bikes.
  4. Doogee57

    DOHC 4 Valve conversion

    You caught that eh mix. Pretty good. I'm guessing that all the young guys won't.
  5. Doogee57

    DOHC 4 Valve conversion

    Hmmm, now I'm really interested. "Please sir, I want some more"
  6. Doogee57

    All Junk Parts

    Here ya go Vortec: And what it looked like when I bought it in 1992:
  7. Doogee57

    All Junk Parts

    With electric start for the old and feeble
  8. Doogee57

    The Weight Game

    Yup. A few years back I swapped my XR200's 17" rear wheel (w/1.85 rim) for a late 80's XR250 18 incher (w/2.15rim). Straight swap. The bike handled worse and accelerated slower. The rear suspension just "thudded" thru the bumps. I put the 17 back on there.
  9. Went into Hardees the other day. Sign on the door said "senior discount" on drinks for those 60 and up. I asked if that included milkshakes. Girl said; "No, soft drinks only". Rats. Still haven't got to cash in on that yet.
  10. I work for company that builds packaging machines. I'm the senior tech and have been a machinist for over thirty years. I go with new machines to train the buyers' operators and maintenance people. Some of the people who will operate/work on our equipment just "ain't got it". Makes you want to holler at them; "Hey boy, leggo that wheelbarrow! You know you don't know nuthin bout 'scheenerery'' (ya gotta say it with a southern accent to get the full effect). And Robert, that 1957, is that the year you were born?
  11. Doogee57

    CRF250F for my birthday

    Correct. Jumping back into riding on a 230 or a 250F is a smart move. As to the 450X, just ride one and you'll see what I mean. If you ever get to Alabama I'll let you ride my "290". I think you'll find it's plenty beastly in it's own right (enough for me, anyway).
  12. I've cleaned innumerable pilot jets over the years with ONE wire puled from a wire brush. Never ruined one. Gotta have "that touch"(as in; "Hey! Magilla! don't ream that thing out. It's just soft brass)
  13. Doogee57

    CRF250F for my birthday

    Be sure you "wangle" a ride on one before you plunk down your cash. I'll be 62 in June and still go mostly to the track (mx, on practice days). I used to have a 450 but that thing was pretty beastly. About 10 of those 50 somethin horses pretty much stayed in the barn. My current CRF250 (290 actually, bore kit and stroker) is much more fun and I'm faster on it that I was on my 450. It's just so much lighter and easy to ride. That new 450X is sure to be quite the beast since it's mostly an "R" with just a few changes.
  14. Yup, just like my XR. Tom's 13/48 on his 230 is slightly taller and sounds pretty good/just about right.
  15. Guess I'll chime in. When I take my XR (stock bore, 12:1 piston and my pipe) back into the woods (all gnarly like you guys have in N.C.) 1st gear is pretty much useless. Just too low, even climbing over big rocks and stuff. It has stock gearing (can't remember exactly) which is pretty much like the 230 I'm figuring.