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  1. hick487

    sikk mx 125 cc breaking down at high end

    heyy, my clutch on my sikk mx 125cc motor is going, where would i find new friction plates? is it the same as a honda 125? or can i buy parts rite from sikk mx?
  2. hick487

    250s gearing....

    awsome, thanks alot guys that really helped:worthy:
  3. hick487

    250s gearing....

    has anyone every put on different gears on their 250? i have been thinkng about it and want to do it but i was thinking about just putting on like a tooth smaller in the front for woods riding and maby dicking around with the rear after i see how the front sprocket change works:ride: what is stock front size?
  4. hick487

    cutting down the wiring harness

    yup yup nothin too special, CNCed everything out and then sandblasted itt
  5. hick487

    cutting down the wiring harness

    ight, i cut out most of the shit, and got rid of what i didnt need in there and i made this beats to go inside whatch guys think??
  6. hick487

    anyone ever name a bike?

    95' dr250s-"tessa"
  7. hick487

    crf250x full factory

    i think i just pooped a little hahah
  8. hick487

    Geo Metro Towing Dirtbike

    hahah that guys the mann
  9. hick487

    cutting down the wiring harness

    any tips cause i dont have the stock speedo/tach box nor do i have blinkers and i was going to make a little ignition plate to replace it so i didnt have to zip-tie down the ignition anymore lol and so i have a place to put a switch for my assessory lights i was just wondering what i need and what i dont need so i can cut all that wiring out to free up some space
  10. hick487

    Cattle guard from hell

    haha holy shit dudee
  11. hick487

    95' dr250 polished header?

    im lookin for a new one cause mines kinda beat and its gettin rusty i was thinkin about polishing it but idk, any advice?? thanks thanks
  12. hick487

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    there she it all shined up....
  13. hick487

    DR650 clutch pull getting harder

    cable might be frayed in the casing
  14. hick487

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    yea, there just plain old aux. lights from auto zone. there well worth it, there VERY bright. its like night and day compared to just the stock head light. they dont draw very much power at all, i had the battery off and i turned on all my lights and they would still light up at idle