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  1. crazyman420

    rm250 head

    im rebuilding my 1999 rm250 and i found a head off of a 1998 rm250 that been cut down and polished up for better compression . my question is will the head fit on myr will i need a cylinder off of a 1998 rm250
  2. crazyman420

    1999 rm250 Boyko racing engine

    does he still build motors. i have a1999 rm250 that i wanna setup for racing . and if he does still build motors could you gimme his contact info so i could get ahold of him to see if he would do my motor
  3. crazyman420

    cr500 igniton

    i have a 1996 cr500 that i hillclimb and i wanna put a different ignition on it and was wondering wat everyones thoughts were on this. and also wat everyones thinks on different ignitons on the cr500
  4. crazyman420

    rm250 crank

    i have a 1999 rm250 and i was wondering wat all year cranks will fit in my 250 crank case's
  5. crazyman420

    1999 rm250 crank seals

    i just bought a 1999 rm250 and have the motor apart to check it all out. and i wanna put new crank bearings and seals in it. i wasnt paying attention when i took the seals out of the cases. so my questions how do the seals go back into the cases. do i put the solid side of the seal facing towards the crank or do i put the part of the seal that is a little hollow facing the crank. any information on any tipps or tricks on how to put the new crank bearings and seals in would be extremely helpful and appreciated.
  6. i have a 1996 cr500 that needs the water pump rebuilt. i was just wondering how do i go by rebuildingit . i already bought the water pump rebuild kit for it . and i dont have a manual that i can read to rebuild so any information that yins can give me on how to rebuild it would be extremely helpful to me
  7. crazyman420

    2003 CRF450

    Could you send me some pictures and info of the bike
  8. crazyman420

    CRF450R Partout question

    I would be interested in some peices off of your crf450
  9. crazyman420

    extending a crf450

    Does anyone have exstensions on thier crf450 and if so jow far back are yins running it extended
  10. crazyman420

    crf450 problem when hot

    Does your make a weird noise also
  11. crazyman420

    crf450 problem when hot

    my 2002 crf450r makes a noise when it gets hot but it dosnt always do it all the time and the noise sounds like a grinding rubbing sound but if you give it throttle it goes away for a little bit and it also seems to be heating up alot lately i had to add more coolant to it today and was just wondering if the noise is from my water pump going bad and it also seems like its pushing the antifreeze out of the hole on the side of the cylinder any help on this would be most appreciated
  12. crazyman420

    crf450 wont start

    its getting good fuel through the petcock it seems like its not sucking fuel through the carb or could it part be i may need a new plug
  13. crazyman420

    crf450 wont start

    i have a 2002 crf450 and i cracked the cases . so i bought another motor to jsut replace mine and once i got the spare motor i took it to my local bike shop and had the valves checked and adjusted. they said they adjusted them back to factory specs and i stuck that back into my 450 frame when i got it back from the shop and i cant get it to start at all unless you spray a little bit of starting fluid into the carb but once it burns off all of the starting fluid it shuts off and you cant kick start unless you put more starting fluid into and just wondering if anyone knows wat is wrong with it or gimme some more ideas to check on it
  14. crazyman420

    cr500 brake

    when i ride my cr500 it dosnt seem like its goin fast like it used to could it be from the rear brakes or the clutch any informatio nwould be greatly appreciated
  15. i have a 1997 cr500 and it is a a royal pain to start but if i put a new plug in it it fires rite up and my carb carb also leaks any infor mation that yins may be bale to give me will be greatly appreciated