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  1. HolyKaw810

    97 KDX200 Running Like Garbage

    Leak test it
  2. HolyKaw810

    engine vin number

    I've also had 2 knee surgeries not long ago and riding bikes may not be feasible for me anymore. Quads are questionable at this time.
  3. HolyKaw810

    engine vin number

    Wow, this is an old posting....lol I still have the motor but wrecked the frame when a tree ran across the trail I was on. Took the motor and stuffed it into a blaster frame. Also have a kx500 motor that will find its way into a yfz450 chassis.
  4. HolyKaw810

    my kx250 yamaha blaster

    Thank you And why you ask. We'll it comes down to this. I wrecked my bike and didn't want to repair it again. So I sold the roller and kept the fresh motor I spent a ton of money on and the electrical. I originally built the blaster roller, bought it without a power train, with a cr125 motor. I didn't like the top end power due to gearing issues. So I tore the 125 out and reworked the frame for the 250. I still have the 125 and the roller but I'm installing a kx500 into that. The 125 motor will get sold or put into a shifter cart. But to generalize my story as to "why?" Because I can.
  5. HolyKaw810

    Lets see your vintage ride

    1975 wr250
  6. HolyKaw810

    No longer a kx owner

    thanks. it was fun. hope to get some riding in this next year with it. im planning to get another bike next year in the late summer. something newer than what I had.
  7. HolyKaw810

    upgraded my hybrid

    Can't wait to try it out next spring. Just got to late in the year to finish it.
  8. HolyKaw810

    No longer a kx owner

    Thanks. I was going to sell the 125 but I decided I need a bike and yes, it will help me get my skills back where they used to be. As for the blaster, not sure yet. I rode it in the small amount of yard that I have before the second surgery and it has balls. Anything kx powered has balls...lol This pic is just the beginning process, it's much further along now.
  9. HolyKaw810

    No longer a kx owner

    It's sad to say, but I no longer own a kx dirtbike. I ran into a tree early in the year trail riding and did some significant damage to the bike. I could have fixed it but I was frustrated and decided to part it out. I kept the motor, carb and electronics and shoved them into a yamaha blaster. I also had 2 knee surgerys withing the last 3 months to repair damage due to a whiskey throttle crash many years ago that damaged something inside my knee. I do plan to get a new bike eventually but until then, I have a cr125 to rebuild and my monster quad. I hope to get a 500 when I can. Just checking in since it's been a while since I've been on and posting.
  10. I built a blaster with a cr125 motor. Well, I pulled it out and put my kx250 motor in it. I wrecked the bike and didn't have plans to rebuild it. Just got to frustrated after all I put into it. I'll rebuild the cr back to a running dirtbike instead. But the kx powered blaster is a bit of a beast.
  11. HolyKaw810

    82 cr250

    I know about the water pump covers and the magnesium rotting away. This one has some rot, but not as bad as I had expected.
  12. HolyKaw810

    82 cr250

    Not sure what I will do with it. May or may not just sell it.
  13. HolyKaw810

    82 cr250

    It's actually an 83 I guess. It's 95% there.
  14. HolyKaw810

    82 cr250

    I am picking up an 82 cr250 motor for cheap. anyone have any experience with these? how do they run?