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  1. I went to change the oil in my forks yesterday and noticed the oil height was different in each fork. The forks got a professional re-valve and service from Factory Connection 2 years ago, and they set the oil level at 150mm. When I measured them I got 133 in the right fork, and 123 in the the left. I'm still scratching my head over this one. Anybody have any ideas on why the oil level would be different? It's a closed system and there is nowhere for the oil to go. I've never had a leaking seal, but that would reduce the amount of oil, not add to it. I wondered if the tech. at FC was just having an off day, but for the money I spent, I would hope they would have set things spot on!!!
  2. Tim_in_WA

    Lake Wenatchee Sunday anyone??????

    Just a heads up for anyone planning on going to the DirtyFace Ride at Lk. Wenatchee this coming weekend. They have already reached the 180 rider limit with pre-registrations, and they will NOT be able to sign anyone up the morning of the ride. This is the first time they've reached the limit BEFORE the day of the ride! So if you aren't already registered, you're out of luck.
  3. Tim_in_WA

    JD Blue #3 vs. Red #5

    Thanks James!
  4. Anyone know how much different the Blue needle on #3 is compared to the Red needle on #5. I believe the Blue #4 is slightly richer than the Red #5, but not sure how much leaner the Blue #3 would be compared to Red #5..... James, I don't suppose you have a chart that shows the lean vs. rich comparisons between both needles on all the different clip settings??? -2000 WR400
  5. Tim_in_WA

    Newbie question on Dual Sport registration

    You shouldn't have a problem buying a KTM locally and getting a plate for it. The KTM's are one of the few makes left that can still be plated here in Washington. (Gas Gas is another one that's still good to go). Talk to your local KTM dealer there in Spokane and they should be able to give you all the info. you need to get a plate. Good luck!
  6. Hey, we finally hooked up! I wouldn't make a good detective either, because the two things I hate most are paperwork and follow-up, and that's all those guys do! Me and a riding buddy are planning a ride one of these weekends (will be a Friday or Sat.) over Colockum Pass and down into your fine city. Did it last year and stopped in at the Tav for lunch and an adult beverage (or two!). Maybe I'll stop in at your office and see if you're around, but since you're such a high-ranking official, you probably have Friday afternoons and Saturdays off! LOL! Feel free to keep in touch by email. Mine is: terwert@charter.net
  7. Tim_in_WA

    Radiator Guards What is the Best Kind?

    Ditto on the Unabiker guards. They have four attachments points on each guard (two in front of the rad., and two behind), and they are slightly angled near the bottom for extra strength. They are well made and very bombproof.
  8. Hey Bogey, I couldn't remember what you said your T-Talk name was, but are you (and Mike) the ones I was hooked up with when we had all the fun over Apple Blossom???
  9. There's another fire that just started today and could get real ugly. It started up the Icicle River drainage and jumped the road on the north side, so it might start heading toward the Lake Wenatchee area. It would take awhile to make it that far, but if the winds blow that direction, the smoke could be a problem. Just FYI. I can't make the ride because my days off were just cancelled because of the fire. And Brandon, make sure somebody has a cold one for me!
  10. Tim_in_WA

    MSR Pant Sizing???

    Thanks Rides....That's exactly the info. I was looking for. I also wear a 32, so based on your input I'll stick with the 32. Thanks!
  11. Tim_in_WA

    Chain lube ??

    I use Tri-Flow on mine, and it still looks brand new even after 2700 miles. Only drawback is you have to lube the chain often. I lube it after every ride, but the chain stays clean and the little bit of dirt that sticks to it comes right off.
  12. Tim_in_WA

    MSR Pant Sizing???

    I'm going to be mailordering a pair of RG2 Cargo pants, and I've never worn any MSR pants of any kind. Just wondering how the sizing runs? Are they pretty true to size, or are do they run a little big or small? Seems like my Moose pants run a little on the small side, and my Thor pants run on the large side. I just want to get the right size the first time around.
  13. Tim_in_WA

    2000 wr400 jetting

    Interesting that FMF told you to go with a 168 MJ. I put a new "Q" on my 2000 WR400, and they recommened I go to a 180 MJ. That was too rich, and I ended up with a JD Blue #4, 42PJ, 175MJ, and FS 1.75 turns for 75 degrees and 1000-5000 feet. I may be going to the Red Needle #4 or 5 and 172 MJ now that the temps are 80 to 95.
  14. Tim_in_WA

    426 Oil drip

    Make sure your oil level on the dipstick is right at the midpoint between the min. and max. levels. If the level is past the midpoint, it drips more out the breather tube. If the level is down toward the low level, you should get very little or no drip. And always make sure to let the bike idle for a couple of minutes before checking the oil level.
  15. Tim_in_WA

    James Dean jetting

    Sent you a PM.