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    Picked up a 02 YZ125, first Yami

    Save yourself alot of headache and practice kick starting the bike without hitting the kick start lever into the foot peg the stopper plate on the shaft will crack if you keep kicking it into the foot peg and you'll end up with a kick start lever that will flop foward into the pipe. It's about a $45 part from yamaha I loved my '02 best thing I ever did was trade in my low hr '01 CR 125 for it other then my '04 KX 125 been on blue since and yes the YZ is better then the kawie the KX was just a yammie clone! the topend and power valve setup was a total copy of yamaha's setup funny you had trouble finding one if your area there's been a few forsale locally here in WA recently.

    which size front tire works best

    We will see how I feel about this been running Kenda washougal sticky 90/100's the past few years now, I got a brand new 80/100 washougal sticky on there now and it's maiden voyage is this weekend out at the track and the weather n conditions are awesome for tomorrow.

    Newer 125 stock pipe the same?

    Are you looking for one? I have one from my '06 it's practically still new condition cept for some minor scratches in one small area thats hard to really notice would be gone in an instant with fresh paint not bent not tweaked just doesn't work that great with my 144 so I doubt i'll ever run it again how does 3 jacksons sound for it with the silencer? not even evil bay can beat that.

    "The Snot Rocket"

    wow I had one of those for awhile it was a scary ride I got it in trade from the orginal owner back in the early 90's it had been sitting in orginal condition with only 639 miles on it since the mid 80's. The fenders where faded cause it had been stored under a tarp and the plastic's where brittle on kawie's back then. Scary ride it was all bottom end n mid range with lil top end and it would wheelie any given chance soft forks with stiff rear suspenion made it a busy ride and crappy brakes. Never owned mine long enough for any issue's the nieghbor kid/friend of mine also had the same bike and decided after almost looping it out in mid air after hitting a jump , it hit like it did hard in the mid on him off the face of the jump sold it afterwards and got a new 89 kdx 200 then.

    '82 200R rear shock ? about spring

    I don't know if the newer springs will fit I don't have access to one to try it out I think i'll keep an eye out for a newer shock then and go that route. How hard is it to mount the shock ? you mention it increases seat height which is not an issue there alittle more wouldn't hurt. hehe this bike is for my dad who is 50 btw I think for now i'll just crank down the preload some more untill skill level improves biggest complaint was the forks are too soft I have a set of 96 xr250l forks on there it probably has some light progressive spring in them stock.

    AMA 2 Stroke Petition!

    how bout the petition to ban the AMA and or Start a new racing organization ?

    2012 project finally finished

    Nothing like a fresh 125 big bore looks good I love my yz 144 and after getting a chance to ride an 2010 CRF250R a few times they will have to pry the 2 stroke from my cold dead hands! the stock yz bars are to swept back and low for my liking - I like the Renthal RC/Windham bend (971's which is stock on CR's since '04) or the Pro Taper whidham bend (same as the renthal in dimensions) The bar is very close to a CR Hi but it has alittle bit less sweep/pull back then the CR hi bars do by 5mm's If that's the track your gonna be racing at alot in those pic's I would seriously consider more sand style tires at least the rear it will def give ya an advantage over those who are not running one especially in the sugar soft stuff, Gotta give that small bore as much chance to hook up.

    '82 200R rear shock ? about spring

    According to my friend who did the measuring for me spring from an '83 200R measured the top coil and said it was about 50 mm's inner dia. and the outter dia was 80 mm's 50mm = 1.96 inches 80mm = 3.14 inches

    '82 200R rear shock ? about spring

    Oh it has to be the orginal stock Red spring on this from '82 on the bike - may take a call or email to Race Tech on this I am thinking that this era 200R shock is like the '83 350R same for the '83 500R per race tech's website they are 36mm bodies.
  10. WAMXP1MP

    '06 YZ 144 vs '10 CRF 250R the show down

    you would take back that comment real fast if you knew me - but I guess alot of under 16 y/o's race the Vet class I guess i'm just blown away how the mag's etc knock down the 125 when compared to the 250F - when my experience so far is that the mx community got Duped by these new 4 strokes. Granted it's been since 2004 since I last rode one but reading posts on here they where supposed to be so much better now and FI was the best thing ever.
  11. What show down?! is more like it my YZ 144 smokes the crf in every way! Seriously I don't know why the crf is so hyped! it has no real power all desire to get one is GONE! the crf is a boring ride especially since it has NO HIT! and who cares if the crf redlines at 13.5K it's pretty much all nothing but noise from like 10K on! there's no bottom end my 144 has more! I am so disappointed in the crf what a joke. my friends CR 139 has more power - what the hell are these 250F dudes smoking?! soon to be my 144's exhaust fumes i'm gonna be pissed now if someone beats me on one of those slow things.
  12. Okay looks like I'm gonna need a stiffer spring the lil 200 made it through it's maiden voyage today! But the rider of the bike is not happy with the soft shock & forks (they are 220 lbs) so i'm not surprized. Before you jump on me and say rebuild the shock all ready did that it has a fresh oil (smart performance oil) and new seals fresh recharge turning it full hard on the comp helped a tiny bit. I tried searching and i'm alittle confused I know about the length's being the same but I can't seem to find the answer to my question or maybe I missed it. but does the '84 n up rear shock spring fit on this showa shock? My initial parts searchs are only finding listings for '84 n up for the 40mm KYB shocks only per what i'm finding on race tech and progressive suspenions sites there is no listing for the 81-83 200r but xr's only is listing a progressive shock spring for 81 thru 90 200 & 250 & the 250L part # PS1160-20GT I tried to search that part # and the only result took me back to xr's only. is this correct? I rode it real fast and it was a wallowy beast to me, was out in mattawa (high desert sandy stuff) so the whooped out trails really brought out the softness. But the bottom line is I need to stiffen it up and I think the orginal shock spring on the bike has sacked out some and lost spring rate probably.
  13. WAMXP1MP

    should I get 144 kit?

    I remember when I had my '02 when it was new that I ended up getting some special daul tapered needled yamaha was offering to replace the stock tripple tapered needle it helped with the occasional bog it would get off the bottom look up the MXA test and it mentioned it. I got one from sudco and noticed an improvement in throttle responce and I was racing arenacross at the time so it was a huge deal to get that extra crispness. I think in '03 yamaha updated the needle taper and it fixed that problem. Another cheap mod you can try that I never got to do myself was installing the stiffer power valve governor spring (the one inside the clutch cover) from either the '00 or '04 model it makes the PV open alittle later which helps fill in the power gap from when the PV opens and closes. I also ran 1 more tooth on the rear it helped with the 2nd to 3rd gap and then of course the 144 will help def want to have a good tuner do the mod's for you. of course a hinson clutch setup was sweet on the bike!
  14. WAMXP1MP

    82 xr200 foot peg replacement?

    okay a couple pics of the right peg he sent me - said had to drill out the pin hole alittle bigger and weld a little bit to the end so it stop against the frame level I think they where alittle low without.
  15. WAMXP1MP

    82 xr200 foot peg replacement?

    I will see if I can't get him to take a few pic's they fit alot better then the 150F pegs I tried to put on mine so much better fitting I'm tossing the 150F pegs and going the 230 route forsure.