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  1. gixxerbob

    New black rims!..

    i got my excel wheels from motosport for WAY cheaper than i could fine anywhere else with the wider option rear.
  2. why would i when i can run dominator at 50:1, saving money on oil and getting the same results, same throttle response, same engine life.... i dont know my motor would run any better if i ran leaner jets at 32:1.
  3. im not a chemist and have no idea how to concentrate oil...but if allpre mixes are a concentrate then someone must know how. it is multiple times stronger when i need 1.5625 (50divided by 32) times as much castor 927 (nonconcentrated oil) at 32:1 than amsoil at 50:1 to get the same result. if you normally use 1 can of o.j. concentrate with a gallon of water to make grade A quality o.j. with 10% pulp,all the same qualities, color, nutritional facts, blah blah blah....... and then a company came out with something that allowed you to use 1 DROP of o.j. concentrate to a gallon of water and it produced the same grade A o.j. with the same color, pulp,nutrients.... what yould you call the 1 DROP method....it might be easier to call the 1 can method a pre-mix and the 1 drop a concentrated premix version of the 1 can method.....not the best or correct way to describe it but makes sense to me. i see where you are comming from with "all pre-mixes are a concentrate" but some oils are "stronger" in the sense that you need much less to get the same exact response. concentrate is not the best word but it does the best job of getting the point accross and when i see it on a bottle i know that it means i need much less premix to gas as compared to a non-concentrate. you can call me mis-informed but i know exactly what it is trying to say when i see concentrate and thats the main point. it means if i mix this concentrate at the same ratios as nonconcentrate my bike will run like crap of at all as i described in my first post. find a word that better conveys that on a bottle. i can run my bike on castor 32:1 or amsoil/golden 50:1 with the same response, wear qualities, without really needing to mess with my jetting, no more than i would between golden or amsoil or any other concentrate oil. you seem to want to argue the word "concentrate" (when i think we can all agree it is not the best choice when all premixes need to be diluted) when im trying to say that "concentrated" oils represents the need for much less oil in order to run the same as "nonconcentrated" premixes. bottom line when the word "concentrated" is used it is the best word i can think of to immediatley tell the person that you need much less oil to run the same, with same properties as a nonconcentratre. can you agree on the last statement adam? even if the word concentrate is not being used properly as you have expressed?
  4. gixxerbob

    1985 cr500 cdi unit

    i rewired a late 80's cr125 and another late 80's cr250 ignition to my 1985 cr500 motor. both looked identical with the same wire placement and color codes. i used the magneto diaghram from a 1984/85 cr250/500 and the cdi diaghram from 1986-87 cr250/500 in the clymer book. i assume my motor came with a cr500 magneto/flywheel since all the wires were correct according to my clymer manual. as long as you wire it correct i dont see why it wouldnt work, the ignition maps are different and it might have a different redline but it will fire and run. you may have to wire the blue wire comming out of the cdi box to the white wire as they are both stator pickups to achieve higher rpm's. i forget if i did that or not. fyi ** the clymer diaghram for the cdi part said that b/y (a black wire with yellow stripe) was y/b (a yellow wire with black stripe)..... i feel it was incorrect and opposite im going to upgrade to a newer 2002+ ignition set up soon since its reasonably priced and a nice upgrade.
  5. its multiple times stronger than "average" oil, but thanks for trying to mock me. read the jug
  6. didnt have time to read the entire thread but wanted to post my .02$ i once used golden spectro concentrate in my 250 at 32:1 without knowing it was a concentrate. it ran like crap all day long and i was suprised it ran when it did. now i run amsoil dominator concentrate at the recommended 50:1 and it runs like it should, some very, very minor jetting was required after switching from castor 927 32:1 but im very happy and wouldnt change a thing. its a synthetic concentrate so the manufacturers reccomendations are out the window since they werent implying the 32:1 ratio for a concentrate. nonetheless its only a reccomendation. i love amsoil dominator and after trying over a dozen different premix oils in the last decade i wont be changing back.
  7. gixxerbob

    yz250 2006 rear caliper problems

    i wonder what was different about the 09 caliper, hopefully the grade of aluminum.
  8. gixxerbob

    yz250 2006 rear caliper problems

    has anyone mounted the 450 caliper up or have a mint yz250 06+ for sale?
  9. gixxerbob

    yz250 2006 rear caliper problems

    i think you guys are referring to the front caliper. im talking about the rear. Btw, im sure the 06-08 rear caliper is the same part number and was replaced with the 09+ part number. (4) 2006 rear brake caliper. The large rear brake caliper from 2005 was replaced with a smaller rear brake caliper that was lower for more clearance against the silencer. The brake pad material and bleed screw were also updated. (8) 2008 front brake caliper. The front brake caliper was downsized in 2008, and wave-style rotors were added. source: http://motocrossactionmag.com/Main/News/2011-YAMAHA-YZ250-MOTOCROSS-TEST-THE-BIKE-WED-ALL-7809.aspx
  10. gixxerbob

    yz250 2006 rear caliper problems

  11. so i noticed that the rear caliper on my 2006 yz250 has worn like i have never seen before. the 2 small arms of the caliper that support the back side of the inside pad have become "warped/damaged from use" to the point that the pad dosent sit on the rotor correctly. i found a picture of a 2007 yz250 caliper on ebay that had the same problem. i know that in 2006 the yz250 rear caliper was downsized from a 2005 cause they sometimes contacted the silencer. anyone know why yamaha changed the part numbers on the 2009 yz250? was it due to this problem? i already have a honda front brake assembly, is there a rear caliper that would work too? A) a new caliper is 160$+ shipping and i cant find a good used caliper anywhere. although everyone on ebay thinks the 125/250f/450f rear caliper will fit it is not the same part number as the 06-08 yz250 2stroke. can anyone confirm a 450f caliper will fit? what year?
  12. gixxerbob

    2003 rm 250 jetting

    i am looking at the back of my bottle of dominator oil and it says to mix at 50:1 for optimal performance..just like golden spectro, it is a concentrate oil. maybe that is because mt oil is fully synhetic and maybe yours is a different version of dominator. otherwise how do you like dominator, i am partial to castor 927 when temperature permits, i hope its good since i bought 4 gallons..(at 15$ each, 50% off sale for dealer going out of buisness)
  13. gixxerbob

    got started polishing my frame

    thanks on the compliments, you should see my gsxr1000 street bike, it is polished to the max (hard to keep up with all the cracks and crevases). 2000 grit comes out like chrome if buffed good
  14. gixxerbob

    got started polishing my frame

    my 450 took 4 hours total. i dont know if i will do it to my cr250. i sanded 100 grit dry on the casting of the frame then from 220-1500 wet on everything. buffed w/ black rouge on a hard 6inch wheel then buffed with white rouge on a flimsy 6inch final was meguiars hot rims compound on a mothers power ball. cleaned w/ a paper towel. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Honda-CRF-crf450r-2002-honda-crf450-crf450r-crf-250-450-cr-250-yz-rm-kx_W0QQitemZ140185336018QQihZ004QQcategoryZ147903QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  15. gixxerbob

    2001 or 1999 yz125 motor

    what is the first 5 digits on the engine of a 01 , 00 and 99 yz125. i have most of a bike that had the shock snap. Grinding and cutting to get the shock out damaged some numbers. the first few digits of a yz125 99-02 would help. thanks