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  1. I bet his husband rides a Yamaha.... [emoji1787]
  2. dirtdevil72

    What the hell is wrong with my bike

    It could be a few things, have you checked your coolant level, bike could be running hot. Bad coil, gummed up carb.
  3. Let's hope that was the first and last time you were given the wood........
  4. As soon as you get out, go buy a lotto ticket.
  5. dirtdevil72

    What did you do to your YZ 2 stroke today?

    That's a start, but maybe you need to move up to a little stronger soap, I use Mr Clean, and it works awesome. Let it sit for about 5 minutes, and wash away.
  6. dirtdevil72

    What did you do to your YZ 2 stroke today?

    Dude no offense, but it seems like every time lately no one washes their bike before engine work. The engine should be spotless along with the rest of the bike. Pull the tank off, and get inside everything.
  7. dirtdevil72

    18 yz250x clutch multiple clutch failures.

    Why don't you ride his bike, and see if it does it to you.
  8. dirtdevil72

    First time rebuilding a bottom end. 2009 yz250

    Lowes 8 dollars
  9. dirtdevil72

    Pipe recommendations for YZ300

    I have the Eric Gorr 295 and run a dep pipe and love it. I had the Gnarly on it and it didn't have the top pull the DEP has.
  10. dirtdevil72

    Yz85 only idles with choke

    Sounds like a plugged pilot jet
  11. dirtdevil72

    Rebuild crankshaft worries....

    Sweet.. Thanks
  12. dirtdevil72

    Rebuild crankshaft worries....

    Recently received my crankshaft back from Crankworks for my 2007 yz295, and noticed the ignition side of crank (Left side) fits snugly into new oem bearings without crank installer. I rebuilt a few yz's and always had to press the crank into the bearing. The service manual says to slide cover over crank and lightly tap with hammer and tighten case screws. Any one else have this problem
  13. dirtdevil72

    2005 yz 250 transmission bearings

    I hope it works out for you, keep us posted.
  14. dirtdevil72

    2005 yz 250 transmission bearings

    This is where the sealed bearing goes, 93306-00442-00 (orange seal) OEM.
  15. dirtdevil72

    yz250 engine bearing locations

    Most of the bearings are different sizes, pretty hard to mix up. Also parts diagram on Rocky mountain will help