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  1. On most 4-wheel occasions I drive a 2006 Jeep Wrangler, other than the DRZ I have a 2007 Yamaha R1, I only have pics of the day I brought it home!
  2. silverj

    I think I nuked my DRZ

    Spoken like the true gentleman you are!! Eddie you are an exceptional value to this community.
  3. silverj

    E-base gasket mod

    Took me give or take 4 hours and half case of my favorite bevarage (Dr Pepper) and I think it was worth the effort!! Good luck with it if you do.
  4. This was mine until I installed the Acerbis!! I liked it enough but I had already ordered the new one when I cut it!!
  5. silverj

    Hibernation Update....

    Wow there are days when I wish we had snow in these parts, but today I can say I am glad we don't have any! That is a superb pic Willie!! I feel for all of you.
  6. silverj

    Hibernation Update....

    Man that sucks a big one!! I will go out right now and ride a little for ya. It is sunny and 70 degrees here today. Get out there with a hair dryer and speed that melting up. Good luck!!!!
  7. silverj

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    One more for the BLACK team!!
  8. silverj

    DRZ miles

    The SM is 2.64 gallons and depends on your riding style and modifications as to your fuel milage!! I get about 50mpg.
  9. silverj


    Never used it on the Z, but i used it on my R1 and it is awesome!! Plus it keeps the paint underneath like new.
  10. silverj

    Spring has sprung baby, Yeah!!

    I love the co-pilot!!
  11. silverj

    e-base gasket

    I did the base gasket on my SM and did NOT need a dyno to tell the difference!!!
  12. silverj

    front spoke noise?

    Could be your rotor, sometimes they loosen and do get noisy. If you grab the brake when its noisy does it stop?
  13. silverj

    Owner Survey, Year, Color, Style, Miles

    'O7 Black SM, About 700 miles!!
  14. silverj

    pictures of injuries

    Humbling pictures to say the least!
  15. silverj


    Maybe they were jealous because they could not balance on two wheels!!