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    Drowned a WR400

    Last weekends enduro ended up with a water logged WR, which obviously wouldn't start! Having emptied the exhaust, carb bowl and kicked over the engine without plug, the bike now runs OK. Have also changed the emulsion that was oil three times. Question is should I do anything else (top end off etc.?)
  2. TallJohn

    white bros e series?

    The flat disk is the spark arrestor. More disks = more power = more Db. I think 6 is about the minimum you should have so depending on how loud you are prepared to go, try taking some out.
  3. TallJohn

    Calling UK based members??

    Its the TBM sponsored enduro lasting 12 hours (hence the dawn to dusk name) in the breacon beacons in south wales, and it's on this weekend. Simch, are you a crosser/enduro man only, or are you up for a bit of green laning. There is a fair few lanes north and west of brackley that make a good day out?
  4. TallJohn

    Calling UK based members??

    Any of you lot in the dawn to dusk this weekend? My WR is the one with the very high handle bars with the out of control rider on top (not suprised hey!).
  5. TallJohn

    Calling UK based members??

    Buckingham is my home town
  6. TallJohn

    How much fork oil?

    SSR, I was recently told that holding onto the front brake and your pushing weight onto the peg, your bike should compress evenly front and rear - and my front hardly reacts - hence the posting. Can't say I have seen much reference to this in the forum, but I haven't looked that hard. We do have some lovelly green roads in the UK. Anyone visiting is welcome to contact me and have a ride out some time! But we are also blighted by our NIMBY (not in my back yard) general public who on a small island can't seem to accept the existance of anything with an engine on anything that hasn't got tarmac on it. Hence we are fighting for our rights to keep on green laning (as we call it over here). That's why more of us older folk are moving towards enduros - 4 hours of monkey bum inducing fun. Re - Jap bikes, have a look at 80% of the field on an enduro over here and you will see Orange - Austrian KTM's seem to rule these days! TJ
  7. TallJohn

    How much fork oil?

    I have heavy duty springs (for my 16.5 stone weight), but not sure how much oil I should have. The book states 80mm to 150mm from the top, but which should my setting be. Also, what actual difference does it make? Thanks,
  8. TallJohn

    How much fork oil?

    SSR, Yep 230 Ibs of lean mean crashing machine (who am I kidding!). Thanks for the detailed advice. I have 90mm at the moment, with 7.5 oil (I think) and with a heavy duty spring on the back, the front forks don't compress evenly with the rear. To date I have been using most of the front travel, but ideally want a more plush ride for the smoother stuff, so I think I will try a lighter oil to start and then adjust volume as I go. May just stay the same for this weekends enduro though! TJ
  9. TallJohn


    Go the whole hog, grind em off, make a new channel using angle iron (with an extra side), or box section (with one side removed), and weld the sods back on. Makes the pegs even better (for a 6'8" rider - who also has problems with standover). Still look like a circus bear on a clowns bike though. Whilst on the tall subject, can any of you tallies recommend a 29" wheel mountain bike for big people? John
  10. TallJohn

    Which waterproof jacket?

    For those talls guys everywhere, can anyone recommend a good quality waterproof and breathable, but lightweight and strong jacket? Thanks.
  11. TallJohn

    Which waterproof jacket?

    Thanks guys, I Have a pak jak on order (xxxl).
  12. TallJohn

    James/Power Now?

    I see loads of posts on this, but does anyone have a definitive view on merits/disadvantages of either? and also the details/measurements for a make your own would be great! Thanks,
  13. TallJohn

    Airbox airflow???

    Er - yes it seems to make a lot of sense, although I am not sure if a restricted passage can cause a disruption to the airflow therefore causing less air to be sucked in! For my 2 pence (not cents I am in the UK), although it will probably be Euro cents soon, when I took off the lid, all it did was to make it louder.
  14. TallJohn

    Port and Polish

    Now winter is here and I have too much to do around the house to go away on weekends, I am up for a top end re-build. Question is is is worth having a go at a port and polish? Has anyone tried and got any benefit from it? John
  15. Have tried suppliers of Ceet and Tecnosel, but am told no one sells a tall seat foam for a 1999 WR 400 (9 litre tank, short seat). Does anyone know where I can get one? Thanks, John
  16. TallJohn

    Tall seat foam in UK for WR?

    Yes, tried them and Rush Racing without any luck. Does Gut's export does anyone know? John
  17. TallJohn

    Grips for big hands

    Now, as a big guy, with big hands I would prefer to hold onto thicker grips (helps stop my pinkies from blistering on a long enduro). Does anyone know of a supplier who does this, or am I going to have to wrap my originals up with rubber car mats and tie wraps?
  18. TallJohn

    Question for tall guys...

    I am 6'8" which is even more unusual in the UK with bigger stuff being even harder to find. An extra couple of ideas which I have done to my WR400 is to rise the bars by an extra 1" with an ally billet. Had them machined up for less than £10 (including longer high tensile bolts). Also, I cut off the old foot peg mounts (drastic I know), and made up some new ones with angle iron and re-welded them lower and further back. Just make sure your welding is good! Whilst on the tall subject, can anyone recommend a big mountain bike for big guys? John
  19. It's my bad riding, I know, but I have heard a heavier flywheel helps prevent low rev stalls. I trail ride, and haver recently started enduro racing, and find that my lack of skill sometime leaves me stalling over some low speed obstacles. Would a flywheel help, and has anyone had experience of fitting and using one? Thanks,
  20. Turn out fuel screw for richer to compensate?
  21. TallJohn

    Stalls at low revs?

    Rich, Thanks for the advice on the idle circuit. Come to think of it, the smoke is a bit more noticeable, so running rich may be the issue. Not sure why this changes by mucking about with the exhaust, but will give it a go at the weekend.
  22. TallJohn

    Stalls at low revs?

    Having given up on the White Bross pro Meg (way too loud), I have connected my stock silencer to the Whitebross header pipe (with Vortip), and it seems to stall more at low revs, almost as though there is minimal power right at the bottom nd (although I don't notice any power issues). Anyone got any ideas? Taffy, if you are still out there, was it you on the front grid at Liscombe Park?
  23. TallJohn

    Drinking & Riding

    Lots of beer and cider lead to three up on a Suzuki GSX550 without helmets around the streets of London when at College - wasn't a good idea then, still isn't now!
  24. TallJohn

    Tyre choice

    I am looking for some road legal enduro tyres and am thinking about the Bridgestone ED660 and ED661. Has anyone tried them, any good?
  25. TallJohn

    Tyre choice

    Thanks guys, think I will go for the Bridgy, as the Kenda doesn't come up on any searches in the UK!