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  1. Jerry57

    False Neutral

    Anyone have a fix for the false neutral problem with 2000 WR400s?
  2. Jerry57

    Starting Problems After YZ Timing Change

    Thanks for the comments. The bike runs great once started. I worked with my local Yamaha dealer to get the jetting set and it seems to be great. After the timing change, I noticed a significant improvement in front wheel lift from mid to high RPM. The extra poop at midrange is very nice when riding the rocky, rutted deserts of SW Idaho. I lifts easily in second and third gears. My only problem is starting. The engine seems to want to stop turning just before passing TDC while cranking. It is as if the gear ratio on the kickstarter needs to be slightly higher to get a little more turn on the engine with each kick. New Comments ??? Jerry
  3. Am I the only one who has noticed an increase in starting difficulty after changing the valve timing to YZ spec? I can't seem to get the engine through a full stroke with the kickstarter now. When I choke up and kick it, the starter stops just short of passing TDC a second time. What are your experiences? Jerry
  4. Jerry57

    Head Pipe Temp to Hot?

    I just changed the WR valve timing to YZ. I started it without any jetting changes. The head pipe got very hot in less than a minute, it seemed to glow slightly red. What can cause the pipe to get so hot? Jerry
  5. Jerry57

    Carb Stuck Open

    Help please!!! I romoved the carb from my '00 WR400FM for cleaning. When I remove the slide by rotating the throttle shaft until it disengaged from the slide. It throttle shaft stuck in the open position. I replaced the slide and confirmed that nothing was stopping the slide from dropping but the throttle shaft won't drop below about 90% open. It moves freely from 90-100% open but won't drop. I faintly remember someone warning me not to open it to far or I would damage the TPS. Did I damage it? Has anyone else experienced this problem? What to I do to correct my problem? Thanks, Jerry
  6. Jerry57

    Radiator repair?

    I've used Myler in West Jordan, Utah. I was very pleased and only $50.00 poorer. Jerry
  7. Jerry57

    Mid-range sputter.

    I ride a '00 400F. I had the same problem with sputter but at a lower altitude(Boise, ID, 2800). My sputter varied with the several different exhaust system combinations I tried. I settled in on a stock pipe with the White Brothers VORTIP baffle then fiddled with the jetting to get perfection. Once the jetting was right my sputter disappeared. I ride from the lowest valley areas at 2800 feet to the top of the rockies at 10,000+ without problems. Get your jetting set correctly and you will be in Heaven. Jerry
  8. Has anyone heard of this trick? I talked with an expert desert racer who said he commonly turns his bike upsidedown to remove the fronk bottom valves and changes the shim stack without removing the fork or changing the oil. It seems reasonable to me. Any Ideas? jerry
  9. Jerry57

    Starving for Knowledge

    RB, The general consensus among the posts I have read is that you will lose a small amount of power at the low RPM end, gain significant mid-range power and lose some engine brake effect throughout the range. Jerry ------------------ Old Guy on WR400F following the KX_kid through the harrowing desert of Idaho at breakneck speed.
  10. Jerry57

    Any SW Idaho Riders

    I'm looking for someone to trail ride with tomorrow (4th of July) in the Boise area. My planned partner was out-foxed by his long term partner. I came a poor second in the competition. I wonder why? ------------------ Old Guy on WR400F following the KX_kid through the harrowing desert of Idaho at breakneck speed.
  11. Jerry57

    ? Vortip on my '00 WR400F

    Does anyone know if a Vortip will work on my '00 WR400f. A dealer told me they are only sold to fit '99s and she wasn't sure if it fits a 2000 model. Thanks, Jerry ------------------ Old Guy on WR400F following the KX_kid through the harrowing desert of Idaho at breakneck speed.
  12. 43 for a few more weeks. last weekend I found that my bones are not as limber as 30 years ago . Broke my navicular and can't compete in the ISDE Qualifier this weekend. Oh-well, I didn't really want to drag my 270LB toy around the mountains for 200 miles anyway ! ------------------ Old Guy on WR400F following the KX_kid through the harrowing desert of Idaho at breakneck speed.
  13. Jerry57

    Best Pipe

    OK Everyone...Here is your chance to speak your piece. What exhaust system should I install on my '00 WR400? I want it to be quieter than original pipe without the baffle (current system) and I want a spark arrestor. Please use your experience to comment. Jerry
  14. Jerry57

    Cleaner (The Bike)

    I've used GUNK brand Engine Bright and several other foaming cleaners, but never on the plastic. The cleaners work OK on heavy grease like oil leaks mixed with dirt or excess waxy chain lube around the primary sproket. My son rides a 2-smoker so we have a nasty cleanup challenge each ride. When I use use the cleaners I usually end up at the car wash trying to get the chain lube off the wheels and swingarm. I recently purchased a large jug of Simple Green hoping the fantastic claims people make in the posts I read are not fantasy. I haven't tried it on the bikes yet so the jury is still out.
  15. Well, lets get humble. My biggest mistake was leaving my son along a desert sand wash 7 miles from the truck while I went to get gas for his KX-80. I rode back toward the truck worrying about remembering the way to find him, when half way I remembered that I have a GPS in my enduro pack. I could have marked his location for easy navigating back. Luckily, Army scout experience never really goes away. I found him and got he and his bike back to the truck. I think I'll get a supplimental gas container. Jerry ------------------ Old Guy on WR400F following the KX_kid through the harrowing desert of Idaho at breakneck speed.