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  1. kdxyardsale


    Get the 250, if you get a good deal, get your riding confidence back up, and sell it a year later for more than what you paid for it. Win, win. The worst thing someone can do is buy too big a bike for someone learning, and ruin it. Figure out if you want something bigger in that year and then you have all the time you want to research bikes.
  2. kdxyardsale

    What's with sales people?

    Had a bad experience at a reputable Colorado Springs Dealership I buy parts at the last 20 years, and have them refill my shock with nitrogen. I was looking at the new bikes, just have not seen a lot of the new ones, some late 30's salesman tells me I need a Beta. Didn't ask what I ride, how long. I am 53, told him I have a 12 KLX250 and I like it, proceeds to tell me how lame that bike is and how I need this $10K Beta. Told him I am older with some back problems and got the 250 to be more mellow, and just get out. He continues to tell me what a piece my bike is and literally 3 bikes away is the '18 version of my bike they sell. I will cut this place some slack with 20 years of nothing but professionalism, but when he told me he was older than me and would ride that Beta, I left feeling like I should walk back in and talk to the manager. W T F
  3. kdxyardsale

    Just bought a 1986 cr500

    Limon Colorado early 90's Reliability trials Enduro
  4. kdxyardsale

    Just bought a 1986 cr500

    Mine was put the bike in second or third, and rock half a stroke back and forth several times, put in neutral and yes kick it like you mean it from a full top stroke. That technic was called pre-charging the cylinder at the time.
  5. kdxyardsale

    Just bought a 1986 cr500

    Sweet, I raced this 88 in some Colorado Enduros. I have a owners manual with a lot of specs in it if you did not get one with the bike, PM me your address and I will send it to you. Been saving it for some time, can't throw these things away, too hard to find. 85-88 are nearly identical.
  6. kdxyardsale

    No spark need help ASAP!

    This also https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1208069/Honda-Crf450r-2011.html?page=158#manual left column trouble shooting for no spark.
  7. kdxyardsale

    No spark need help ASAP!

    A condenser or rectifier does not blow like a fuse. A condenser reduces the spark to a reasonable level so no pitting occurs at the ignition coil. I would not suspect either. The rectifier shunts any voltage over the circuit voltage (12v so probably 13-13.5.
  8. kdxyardsale

    No spark need help ASAP!

    It is VCC here is the link to the diagram you can click a zoom bubble and read it better. VCC is a typical electronics notation for the supply voltage of a circuit. Like the positive on a battery, or 5VDC in an electronics circuit. There is a diode wired in the kill switch connector it goes to "warn" on the large connector and to the ignition coil. I would test that with a VOM forwards and backwards for continuity, should only have it one way. Sorry forgot link https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1208069/Honda-Crf450r-2011.html?page=171#manual
  9. kdxyardsale

    No spark need help ASAP!

    Here is the wiring diagram
  10. kdxyardsale

    No spark need help ASAP!

    Disconnect the kill switch and key, leave the wire not touching anything. Pull the plug and ground it to the head, cycle the starter and see if you have spark. Not starting is not no spark, you have to check it.
  11. kdxyardsale

    FMF system on 2018 KLX250

    Nice it fits with your color scheme too, looks slick
  12. kdxyardsale

    Is Tomac a quitter?

    I think after the last couple years he is trying to finish every race, like a Dungey, that is a sign of maturity. Very technical tracks are not his forte with his hit everything at mach 10 style. He will excel outdoors. It looked like his suspension was super stiff at this race, skittering all over the whoops. Ultra fast guys like Stewart, Bradshaw spent a lot of time smoking people as well as injured and on the ground. I think he is trying to stay in it, by finishing and also saving himself for the outdoor season.
  13. Some good deals here.... https://www.bikebandit.com/blowouts
  14. kdxyardsale

    Reliability of new 2018 KLX 250

    Bought my 2012 new, only difference with 2018 is Fuel injected. Bike has 5K miles on it, about 1K of hard rocky nasty Colorado mountains trails. Never intended to ride it like that as I bought it to slow down getting older, but it is just too much fun. Replaced the countershaft seal once for leaking. That is it, bike is super reliable, I ride alone, never left me on the trail once, I don't even think about it happening. Think 80's XR tough. I don't think you could find a more reliable bike.
  15. kdxyardsale

    Best Flag Style Handguards

    If flags are stiff enough to save your hands from branches or trees, you run the same risk, going over the bars nearly nobodys hands slide off the end of the grip rather fingers still on grip and wrist over the top of the guard. Don't tighten the ship out of your guards, you should be able to move them under some pressure. Heck the same thing could happen if your wrist goes over your levers.