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  1. Herlings and friends are the New York Yankees, Eli Tomac and friends are a high school baseball team. MXGP is short for Motocross World Championship! Tomac would struggle to reach a podium in MXGP.
  2. Happy Birthday Jack22!

  3. MotoGP is just crazy and my absolute favorite sport bar none to watch. Part psychopath, larges nutsack and extreme talent. Valentino Rossi, Max Biagii.... Those dudes aint afraid to run-it-in-on-man at 180mph
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1Z2XFNDoSQ&feature=watch-vrec
  5. Thats what I would want to see. I'm just a fan and want to see the best.
  6. Josh is 37 yrs old. I belive he will wind down in the AMA series. But if he were gonna move up. The next fastest series would be World Superbike and then MotoGP. Thats the route Ben Spies took. But I think Ben wanted to Jump from AMA Superbike to MotoGP, but for some reason or another it didn't happen. I'm a big Fan of Ben Spies and I really thought he would be better in MotoGP, cause he pretty much plowed thru the competition everywhere else.
  7. Josh raced the final round in Valencia last year. He got 7th. but a couple of aliens crashed out. So he prolly would be around 9. Which is damn good for being on a unfamiliar bike and track. BTW... MotoGP is never off topic.
  8. I retract the invitation part on Superbikes. But I do believe that you have to be invited for MotoGP. MotoGP teams kinda of scout for riders from Moto2 and World Superbike for their talent. Kinda of like it works in Major League baseball. Nobody and I mean NOBODY can just start racing MotoGP. Well with the new CRT rule I guess you can race MotoGP. Oh what the hell. Its complicated. But the series is undisputed. Thats for sure.
  9. He has won the big bikes 4 years in a row. He's like the Ricky Carmichael of Europe. Another reason is, and this is just my opinion., He rides a KTM. At the end of the day KTM has a Champion in Europe, which is a good business model. And KTM has a Champion in America, another good business decision. In this day and age, the amount of money the top guys get is a lot. Everybody has a personal trainer, and big sponsorship dollars. Riders have to get permission for everything. Its probably very complicated.
  10. I would guess that decision was base on a person behind a desk. If it was a rider decision. Dungey and Villopoto would have ran it. Or at least I would hope that they would. They probably were told no. Cause at that level it's a business, and that takes precedence over honor, pride and the desire to prove oneself the best. Years back(I forget the exact time) American riders would race statside GP's. I distinctly remember Ricky Johnson winning a GP race on a 500 two stroke in Carlsbad CA on Wide World of Sports. It would be nice to see some of our guys take the challenge. I had to go and find that Rick Johnson GP http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Jv9yPspgxM&feature=related
  11. I just had the best idea. Somebody tell Mike Alessi that if he wants to be chanp. Go run the GP series. LMAO!!!!
  12. Probably right. And my argument is to look at Ken Roczen and Marvin Musquin. They were estentailly the best Europe had to offer in the lites and barely were able to make a podium and no over all wins. I do believe Ken got one moto win. Also it freaks me out the Ken Roczen has no detectable accent. I expected him to sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger of some sort of nazel hocking accent. Sounds like he is from Kansas or something.
  13. I've seen two missed opportunities to dispel this debate in recent years, they ran a GP race in Glen Helen in 2011. Neither Dungey or Villopoto, ran it. Again in 2010 there was a GP race at Glen Helen. I think if we have the best, we should have used those two races to prove it.
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