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  1. DesertToad

    Fmf Q question

    The one like the Core4 is the old model. The other is the new Model :cry:
  2. DesertToad

    WR250 and Q Pipe ??

    Need to know what size main and any other mods. :cry:
  3. Buy a Scotts . Made for WR . Why Mickey Mouse it.
  4. DesertToad

    motor fully rebuilt

    Ride the Sh**t out of it . Ride hard
  5. DesertToad

    Need fix for exhaust leak at header

    High heat silicone .
  6. DesertToad

    Backfire screen ?

    Get a YZ 125 filter cage same year as yours. works good
  7. DesertToad

    quiet info needed

    FMF Q
  8. DesertToad


    KTM 200EMX you'll love it so will your son Light Fast and grate off the track
  9. DesertToad

    Which stabilizer?

    SCOTT'S I have had both GPR and SCOTTS Easy to adjust. But it cost more and to get it serviced costs. GPR servie FREE no cost
  10. DesertToad


    Thanks All. Took a Drimal tool and cut the nut in half. Putting anti seize on new axle and nut this time.
  11. DesertToad


    Went to adjust my chain and the axle nut is seized on the axle. Can't get it off or back tight.Looks like I'll end up cutting the nut off or in half. Any others had this problem?
  12. DesertToad

    Yes I'm an Idiot -- Camshaft Clip Problem

    Get a flash light and look down in there. I did the same thing when I put my 03 cam in. Find it first then fish for it with the magnet you'll get it.
  13. DesertToad

    Anyone use the White Brothers R4 exhaust?

  14. Check your valves . Id bet the intake are tight.
  15. DesertToad

    triple clamps?