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  1. I know, I have an 01. Despite being 15 years old vs. 10 years old repair receipt folder on the yamaha is still a lot smaller than the one on my 05 CRF. My kawi seems to be a pretty good bike, 80 hours now...
  2. I dig that its sitting right next to a first generation yz-f Congrats on the bike, when the time comes I'll be putting a yz450fx in the shed
  3. Gallup, I've ridden Aztec MX a few times, but usually when I head north I'm Silverton CO bound
  4. God I hate racing Farmington, and I even won it last year.....
  5. off_road_4_me

    Perfect Season for Webb, stamp it!

    You lose.
  6. off_road_4_me

    Who Will Win A1

    Dungey under jumped and from there had nowhere to go, James was just in the wrong spot at the wrong time.
  7. off_road_4_me

    Who Will Win A1

    fight fight fight fight
  8. the only people on that list I think will be faster on a regular basis are Dungey Tomac Roczen Canard Barcia. JS is, but soil samples is always a safe bet with him.
  9. off_road_4_me

    Financing a bike?

    You need to get the ball rolling on credit at age 22, just don't do it the way I did it and use it irresponsibly I tried to finance a bike without a cosigner at 22 with just a credit card on my history. 3 years later I was able to finance both a bike and a truck through my local credit union, building credit takes time, and length of credit history is a key factor. Keep your revolving accounts in check (well below the max) pay them off if you can, and NEVER miss a payment, you'll get there. To me its important primarily because I seriously doubt I'll ever have 60-100k in cash to walk up with and buy a house.
  10. Reed's last title was 08 He won a race last year, finished 4th in points, would have been higher if not for the black flag. Love him or hate him, I think most people like him, he's good for getting media mentions. On top of that, he has experience running a team, I suspect he will do more for yamaha in the coming years than just ride the bike. Despite this boards nasty disposition, people like Cooper Webb consider him to be one of their influences, if your child hood hero running the stop watch during the week doesn't fire you up I don't know what will. People on this board have been saying he'll never win again since 09. I couldn't help but notice that in the press conference that even if he is the old guy, he looks substantially thinner and more built than the last few years, perhaps less stress from not having everything reliant on him is equaling to more time training and better diet. I personally believe his average result be in the top 5 with a bad night being top 10.
  11. off_road_4_me

    Who Will Win A1

  12. off_road_4_me

    scotts reusable oil filters

    Not I. I think for the most part the reason they go boom is people just don't realize that moving parts have a service life. I've had good luck with all of my 4 strokes.
  13. off_road_4_me

    scotts reusable oil filters

    paper cartridge filters like the thread is discussing.
  14. At the end of last years race season my 05 CRF250R did what CRF's do and took a dump with 2 races left with me leading the points for my class (Lites . My other bike, an 01 wr250f was just sitting there so I slapped some #'s on it and raced the final 2 races with it, the first one didn't go very well, mainly because in desert you stop for a downed rider who isn't moving and I spent about 45 minutes on the side of the trail with some unlucky guy. 2nd race I took 2nd, behind a 08 yz250 and in front of a 14 YZ450F. Bike is older than some of the kids it raced against that day.