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  1. YZ400Court

    Broken upper subframe bolt

    Same here. When I broke it off, I was able to get it out with a pick, it was a loose fit.
  2. Here are the gear part numbers for 2001 and 1998. Some are different, soma the same. I don't know what the differance is, but the shafts and bearings are all the same so it should bolt in. 2001 1998 5JG-17411-00-00 5BE-17411-00-00 AXLE, MAIN 5BE-17151-00-00 5BE-17151-00-00 GEAR, 5TH PINION 5BE-17131-20-00 5BE-17131-00-00 GEAR, 3RD PINION 5BE-17141-30-00 5BE-17141-00-00 GEAR, 4TH PINION 5JG-17121-10-00 5BE-17121-00-00 GEAR, 2ND PINION 5BE-17421-00-00 5BE-17421-00-00 DRIVE AXLE ASSY 5JG-17211-00-00 5BE-17211-00-00 GEAR, 1ST WHEEL 5BE-17251-10-00 5BE-17251-00-00 GEAR, 5TH WHEEL 5BE-17231-00-00 5BE-17231-00-00 GEAR, 3RD WHEEL 5JG-17241-00-00 5BE-17241-00-00 GEAR, 4TH WHEEL 5JG-17221-10-00 5BE-17221-00-00 GEAR, 2ND WHEEL
  3. YZ400Court

    GPR Stabilizer

    The GPR uses 15 weight fork oil for a fluid. Try going 10 10weight or lower if it feels too tight even on setting of 1.
  4. YZ400Court

    2000 yz426 trans question's with pics.

    I had similar problems and rather than trying to decide which part to replace, I just replaced all forks and worn gears. My problem turned out to be a bent fork, obvios when I got the new ones and put them side by side, but I still replaced all worn gears also.Shift forks retail at about 40 bucks, gears between 30 and 40.
  5. YZ400Court

    Has this happened to you too?

    One of the TTRs has metal plugs that fit the YZ/WR covers. They seem to stay put better although I can't for the life of me remember which TTR it was.
  6. Thanks for the info.
  7. I searched and did not find anything. Is it as easy as the older yz to wr transmission conversions were?
  8. YZ400Court

    Is a steering stabilizer worth the money?

    Definatlly worth the money, but I would suspect you have a steering head bearing problem. Either just loose or worn. Replace the bearings and races when you add the stabilizer.
  9. YZ400Court

    GPR V's Scotts

    I used to spend a lot of boring weekdays in LA, so on occasion I drove up to Scotts facility and had a chat. Here are a few things I learned about dampers. With Soctts dampers, the low speed setting affects the high speed inversly. The more dampening on low speed, the less on high speed and vice versa (internally something changes) so if you crank up the low when the going gets fast, you lose some of the high. The high has a seperate knob also. gpr, high and low both one knob, both affected the same when adjusting. Why is the gpr unit cheaper?? It has a lot fewer internal parts and machining. Scotts has high and low speed, gpr one speed. Scotts has adjustable sweep control, gpr fixed. Scotts offroad models dampen away from center only (this is supposed to lessen armpump), gpr dampens both ways. Scotts has 20 or 30 clicks af adjustment on the low speed, gpr has 6. There are a lot of springs and check balls inside the scotts that are not in the gpr. gpr comes with a great big knob, Scotts charges extra for the big Knob. gpr will rebuild and update their damper for free (uses 10 wt fork oil), Scotts charges for this service (uses 2.5 wt fork oil). They are both very high quality units that accomplish the same thing in very different ways. I have ridden with both and can not really tell any difference. I have the Scotts on now. I run it two full turns out (about 20 clicks). It feels like there is nothing there, until I hit the rocks or sand. I rode without it a few weeks ago and was shocked at how squirrly the bike was in the rocky sand washes here in AZ (mm-11). The same washes are like freeways with it back on the bike. gpr had a short run of leak issues. They have long since been fixed. Randy Norman is a stand up guy and believes in great customer service. He also has a new damper out. Instead of mounting on top of a bar clamp, it is the bar clamp. It lets you use a standard fat bar pad. It will raise the bars between 3/4" and 1" depending on the bike, so if you have CR high bend bars and like the height you would have to get low bends to make the height the same. The only downside to this mew damper is it is bike specific, as it is made to replace the stock bar clamp. If you buy a DH1 top triple clamp and new style damper also, the next time you switch bikes all you would need is a new top clamp as all DH1 clamps have the same mouning holes for the bar clamp. Sorry for being so long.
  10. YZ400Court

    Pics of my kickstarter mechanism messed up

    It happened to my bike before I bought it. It was during a desert race here in AZ. The racer crashed, tried to start the bike, had it kick back, finally started it and much to his horror the kicker didn't disengage. He did not know what the noise was, so he finished the 25 mile lap. It beat up the case aluminum pretty bad, but I cleaned it up, tried to smooth everything out in the cases, tapped the threads and put new bolt and plate back in with red locktight. No problems since, and that was in 99. As for stopping kickback?? I have never had it happen to me with this bike.
  11. YZ400Court

    Pics of my kickstarter mechanism messed up

    This happened to my 98. It was from a kick back when trying to start the beast.
  12. YZ400Court


    Here is the best way to keep from scratching the rim. Designed to protect all types and size rims from tire tool damage when mounting or dismounting tires. Easily clips over rim bead area and can be secured by using a bungee cord to the eyelets. Sold in pairs. The problem with tape on the rim would be restricting the tire from slipping over the rim. The rim savers are made of some slippery plastic stuff, spray the bead and rim with some armor-all, or just some water with a few drops of dish soap and things slide on pretty easy. After you have one side of the tire on, put a generous amount of baby powder on the tube. Then put the tube in the tire. Inflate the tube to straighten it out inside the tire, run your finger aroun the tube to feel for any folds or kinks. Pull the core from the stem and deflate the tube. Again apply generous amounts of soapy water to the bead and finish mounting the tire, being very careful not to pull the tire irons too far over, just enough to get the bead over the rim. Most tube pinches are between the end of the iron and the inside of the rim. I ususally inflate and deflate the tube one more time to make sure everything is straight inside.
  13. YZ400Court

    Trailtech mounting with using a Steering Stabilizer

    I just turned the Scotts unit around to mount my ICO above it. It is easy to pull the arm, spin it around and remount it. Another option the GPR 2.0
  14. YZ400Court

    Temp guage..........

    Baja Designs This one from Baja Designs is on the misc page.
  15. YZ400Court

    Kickstand for '98 YZ400?

    The trail tech unit is top notch, here it is in action on my 98 YZ