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  1. oceantrav

    How much is this yz250 conversion worth?

    THis was like 6 years ago, my memory’s sucks I didn’t bother to read this thread. got the yz off eBay, Guy did conversion him self. He ended up refunding me most the money for the bike and let me keep the bike. Then I bought a mps frame and swapped it all. Frame looked good, im no welding expert though. Rode it and was sweet, but remembered I didn’t like 2 strokes and traded for a Ktm 4 stroke.
  2. oceantrav

    How much is this yz250 conversion worth?

    That’s your opinion, your entitled to one. I ended up buying a mps frame and it was top notch. No isssues.
  3. oceantrav

    Phillipsville Motocross

    Don’t have any pics, but raced there from 1995-1999 or so
  4. Got the interior side of the wall up, what a pain in the $#%*. So hard to measure everything, make a template, and a ton of cuts. I'm not a details kinda guy. Had a few gaps, so fixed that on the back side. once I get the carpet down, you shouldn't be able to notice my poor quality lol whats the best way to apply the carpet, assuming glue? What type will stick to wood and a little metal easily?
  5. Got the interior ripped out the back, and the wall started. going to cover the wall with plywood today, then carpet over the interior side. What's the best adhesive to use? in the cargo area, I still nead to rip out the carpet. I then plan on laying plywood down, and using checkered tiles on top of that. I eventually want to cover both the walls/windows with plywood too. For now that I'm trying to figure out a easy way to cover the windows in the back so nothing hits one (handle bar) and breaks them. Any ideas?
  6. Thanks. Was thinking the dremel tool too. I get some new cutting blades for it today. Was going to throw some plastidip on the windows. did you take out the headliner too? any advice on the wall? Going to use 2x4's. For the floor piece will drill holes and insert bolts. For the top is there enough medal for self tapping metal screws?
  7. Maybe a pair of metal sheers?
  8. Just got me a passenger extended van. moving the bench to the front, and building a wall. plan is to tear out the interior in the rear. What's the best way to do this? How to I cut it in half? Dremel tool or something? Who's done this? once I get it bare, I'll build the wall, then panel over the glass in the back if that makes any since...
  9. oceantrav

    Any Difference in 2015 and 2017 YZ85

    Trying to figure this out too. Big difference is the 16 and up has black wheels. May not be a dog deal to you, but if I get a 15 and tell my son it's a 2017 he'll know lol
  10. oceantrav

    12-15 to 16 Front Fender And Number Plate Swap

    Got my fender in the mail today. Fit perfect
  11. oceantrav

    Drain Plug

    No particular reason. I been riding a bike for a few months, then sell them to make money before they depreciate a lot. Got the 16 for $4,200 planned on riding it atleast 6 months, listed it real high at $5900 thinking no one would pay that, well someone did. So riding a like new 15 now that I got $3,000 in to.
  12. oceantrav

    12-15 to 16 Front Fender And Number Plate Swap

    I was told the plate and front fender will fit. I just went from a 2016 kx to a 2015 kx. When I sold the 16 I kept my front plate with number. My plate fits on the 15 perfect, but there's a gap between the fender. I ordered a new 16 front fender and it should be here today. If I remember I'll give an update with a For sure answer
  13. oceantrav

    Drain Plug

    That exactly what I did with my 14. When I sold it a few weeks later I got a text from the buyer all upset about it. Just got rid of my 2016 kx, that didn't have the little bolt. Got a 15 kx now the other day, I'll remember not to touch that little bolt this time if it's not leaking already
  14. Towed the 24ft trailer this weekend with it
  15. The converter was massive, must have weighed 100lbs. Didn't need it, if I'm camping I have a generator usually. Ended up selling it for $300. Ya, I thought 12,000 was a decent deal since it's a quigley. I listed it online for sale for $18,000 just to see if anyone would be silly enough to buy it. Don't really need the 4x4, wouldn't mind a 6 year newer van and one with half the miles if someone was down to pay that much. Lol