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  1. coastalrider

    Crf2015 manual vs 2016?

    Trying to find a service manual for the 2016. Harder than thought. Have a 2015 but about to sell the ‘15. Are the differences enough between the two I should give the 15’ service manual with it and find the ‘16? Or is there hardly anything different except the extra fork air valve (that I’ve realized so far)? Looking for the service manual, not the regular that comes with. Thanks
  2. coastalrider

    So the 7 is now available?

    True...does anyone want it? Or is someone ballsy enough to take it early and say yep!
  3. coastalrider

    So the 7 is now available?

    Thought about it at the last race.....and since of course we all saw a no-show for the year even if “I’m not done yet” was promised.....if no points for the year - doesn’t that mean it’s up for grabs now. I tried to read through the ama # rules but couldn’t get clear on it in lil time I had. MEC doesn’t count for points I don’t think. We all “know” he’s done, but does this mean the number is done now? Seems I read that championship numbers 1-9 CAN stay with until someone chooses to grab it. Or is it just available and the 7 isn’t attached anymore. This is about the number....not the rider..so don’t get tropical about it. Lol.
  4. coastalrider

    ‘15 crf250 fork problem need help

    I’ll check later to confirm but I think msr. Haven’t changed the air side but got the special tool in for that. The ohlins springs and cartridges will fit 08-09. Can get them for $400. eBay has some clamps and forks of course just not sure if fit at the stem will work. Not sure what route to go yet.
  5. The right side (not the air side) has new oil and seal in it twice and can’t find a solution. On the bike: real stitchy, very stiff initially like it is stuck, and won’t release to full extension all the time. Checked mounting at wheel. Off the bike: doesn’t feel as stiff and can compress easily, the first 3 inches of travel do nothing then suspension starts. Also returns to that point and have to pull out the last part of the travel. Others and myself are stumped. Air side off the bike compresses and returns like normal. Any ideas? I can either send them off and stay with the ever changing air chamber, or Can get a really good deal on some Ohlins springs and cartridges off an 08’ crf250, or mount spring forks from another model (would need help with year compatibility and if rotor changes, etc). Thanks in advance.
  6. coastalrider

    Are 02+ CR250's as bad as they say?

    I have the ‘02. Power feels different....doesn’t mean it’s slow. I put some fast guys on it looking for their impression thinking it was slower......nope.....I was just slow. I like the feel. Doesn’t get stupid halfway up a jump like the old 2t. But I get off a 250 or 450 and smile getting on mine. Fun bike
  7. coastalrider

    Still PED testing?

    Anyone else think someone in the 450-2 moto podium was way off?
  8. coastalrider

    Are 02+ CR250's as bad as they say?

    I have an 02’. I like it. Doesn’t have the yank most of them did, and still some, so doesn’t “feel” as fast but it isn’t slow. I like the turnability. Just feels comfortable. Gearing matters. Put a few 450 faster guys on mine to see if I was missing something. They didn’t think so. And was nice seeing smiles saying it was fun. The 01-02’s were the engines but I like my 02. Some just feel different about it because it feels different.
  9. Just found the info. Stinks but may bite it and do it. Have always DVR'd the races but was hoping to just catch qualifying. Is the 1st moto stream better quality than MAVTV's lovely clarity?
  10. Do I have to get the Sports Gold?
  11. coastalrider

    He has fight in him

    Didn't read them all since limited time and maybe jumping gun, but Weimer broke his frkn Adams apple and he's back to riding. Couldn't imagine!!! Nasty roczen crash but odds are usually true. The best and risking, still crash at some point. He'll be back but after watching Canard, Weimer and a few others go through worse..... I'm feeling this is just routine for glory. Still young and can still make legendary status so we'll get through this one....and probably see Dungey do it again, but Roczen at least shined for a while for the memory books.
  12. coastalrider

    stripped jug nut

    Did the same thing. Started trying to split/destroy the nut with a sharp screwdriver to no avail except to round it and destroy it further. Guy with a 6pt socket took it off in a few seconds. Learned new rule real quick.
  13. coastalrider

    Roczen's Honda

    Landing on the uphill didn't help. That was a hard azz hit!
  14. coastalrider

    Roczen's Honda

    It's a guess.... Watched it a few times more ( mainly for my own sake), he definitely got bucked and launched. It's not like he was messing up all this time there and it bit him finally though. Bad luck. But... started to think that he came in too long and the front compressed and the back end had to catch up and did at the wrong time. He def got sprung out of it.
  15. coastalrider


    They said that in the post conference about walking the track after. They were all sketched out about the last few laps; and wasn't sure how they were pulling it off.