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  1. I've got an 04 YZF, and I found an aftermarket fuel screw in my tool box, that I believe was from back when I had my '05. I know my '05 had an extra jet in the intake bell that my '04 doesn't have. So I'm wondering, I know at some point they changed the FCR carbs a bit, and they changed the fuel screw tip length. Does anyone remember what year that was?? Tex
  2. One difference I'll note about the '04. I loaded everything from my '05 on to an '06 frame, and the swingarm and linkage all bolted right up. However, I'm now putting all the stuff from an '04 I just bought, into my old '05 frame (the '04 was pretty beat down), and discovered that the bolt through the U-link at the frame is a different diameter between '04 and '05. So you'll need an updated link & frame bolt. That's one minor kink worth noting. *Tex
  3. I got the Tusk valve spring compressor from Rockymountainmc.com and it works awesome. At $35 it's a steal! http://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/productDetail.do?navType=type&webTypeId=140&navTitle=Tools%2FShop&webCatId=22&keyword=valve+spring+compressor&prodFamilyId=16404 Tex
  4. TexLaBo

    Sticky throttle

    One thing to add... it may be that you fell over and your throttle tube may have been jammed against the butt end of your handlebar. You might must loosen your throttle clamp, slide the throttle outward a hair to give the end of the bar a touch of breathing room. However, all the other suggestions are the bigger cure if it's a bigger problem. Tex
  5. TexLaBo

    pic of 2011 rmz trans gear

    I had the '04 RMZ-250 with the "no it doesn't have a" valve problem. 3 bikes later, not one of them has been a Suzuki and probably never will be because of their lack of interest in covering their defects. So this thread doesn't surprise me. Loved the bike except for it being a money pit. Tex
  6. Hey Guys. The Mrs. and I are considering moving from Texas to Oregon.. we're thinking the Bend area. I'm just wondering if there's a big XC / hare scrambles scene out there? Or even just good, marked, one-way trail systems to be had out there? I'm too old for MX jumps, but I love off-road. In Texas we have several series, but one in particular, before the economy crashed, would draw over 1,000 riders to a race weekend. What's the off-road scene like out there? Thanks Guys! Tex (I'll need a new screen name too)
  7. TexLaBo

    What are the cases made of?

    If anyone has a problem like this... and I can't even imagine anyone could... there is a product that body shops use called "Panel Bond". It's made by 3-M (I think the part number is 08115 ). As the name implies, it's used to mount body panels and roofs on cars without welding, and it works on most metals including Aluminum. I got some from a local body shop here, and while I haven't ridden it hard yet, it seems to work. I grabbed it and gave it a pretty hard tug and it was solid. I was told once it cures, they have to use a torch or a cutter to break it. He actually said if it were to break again, it would probably break somewhere else on the metal, not where the bond is. So, in case any of you run into a cracked case situation, this stuff seems to work. Should you run into a sad situation like this, I hope this info helps. ~Tex
  8. It's late, and I'm distraught over a situation I find myself in while rebuilding my '05 motor. I pull the flywheel off, and the magneto so I can get to the timing chain. And what do I find??? The little hoop-casting that cups the bottom of the front timing-chain guide was broken off and laying on the bottom of the case! And before you ask, I have absolutely no idea how this could possibly happen, so don't go there. In the meantime, since the cases have to be bought in a pair for over $600, that's not an option. Since it's not a real load bearing piece, I"m thinking I'll just have to have it welded back on. But, in my hysteria / frustration I can't remember what material our cases are made of. Is it aluminum, or magnesium? ::::sigh:::: What a downer. ~Tex
  9. TexLaBo

    Should I get a newer one??

    I have mixed emotions about the whole steel vs aluminum framers. I was riding an '05 (steel) when Sunruh got his new '06. We rode them together, and swapped bikes. They felt quite different. But the '05 didn't necessarily feel WORSE. I've since upgraded to an aluminum frame, and I do like it a little more. But I really changed more because the steel frame bike values were dropping like a rock. One nice mod for the '06 is the Rekluse E-Axle if you're just an off roader. Big jumps make me a little squeemish about it. But it makes the front end stick really nice in the corners.
  10. I've been riding the YZFs since '01 (cross country) and I've never bent the metal parts. I've scuffed them up, but never actually bent them to where they wouldn't function. So, I can't imagine the problem being so worrisome that it would warrant just removing it for good. If it's bent, just straighten the thing out when you get home, and stick it back on!
  11. TexLaBo

    Busted up my valve train...

    Yeah, that piece could be the little valve cover piece that is sort of a slider above the timing chain, attached to the underside of the cover. But that has to be some of the craziest crash damage I've seen on a bike. I've never seen the valve cover gasket chunk up like that. Bizarre. ~Tex
  12. I've never had a Yamaha valve need reshimming. However, I had an '04 RMZ 250 that had a NEW valve put in that lasted 3.5 hours before it was completely out of spec and had to be replaced again. THREE POINT FIVE hours. That's the only non-blue 4-stroke I've owned, and it was the last. My '05 YZF is still running perfect. I don't expect it to do anything less till I get an '10, or '11 model.
  13. Who needs kidneys, when we've got dialysis???
  14. TexLaBo

    Chad Reed to Suzuki?

    Well, the big rumor is that Bubba is going to San Manuel Yamaha, because Villipoto is moving up and there's only room for one sheriff (no offense Josh Demuth). And, I remember back when The GOAT first moved from red to yellow, he said that Chad had ridden the Suzuki before him, and said it was good. So, it's not like he's allergic to yellow or anything. And Chad has stated over and over that he's not riding outdoors because his sponsor wasn't interested. Not because he doesn't want to do it. If he rides any outdoors this summer, it'll be on a Yamaha, as he's still under contract at the moment. But it wouldn't be a stretch to think he was trying out the 'zuk as a little test ride to see if it's worth riding for money next year if he has to. Wouldn't that just make all you Chad Reed / Yamaha fans confused? I mean, could you still root for him on a dreaded RMZ???? Even worse, could you root for Bubba if he's riding a Yamaha????? Let's hope we don't have to try to come to terms with that scenario.
  15. TexLaBo

    Top End + Valve Kits Available? What do I need?

    642... nicely put. That's what's always on my list. ~Tex