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  1. Gahan

    pastrana's new years eve jump

    +1 Iv hit the wall at 130MPH at Thomson Speedway in a Super Late Model and came out alright, If I had the resources to do something like TP did New years eve, I would in a heart beat, it would be a blast. With a full cage, Hans, full containment seat, your chances of getting injured or dieing are greater on the drive too the racetrack in your truck. This was definitely not his most scary, dangerous jump, very cool though.
  2. Gahan

    Nitrogen in your tires??

    We run it in our stock car tires because they heat up to extreme temperatures, but even with nitrogen we still use bleeders. I cant see that being an issue on a dirt bike.
  3. Gahan

    KTM, GasGas and two Quads.

    Hey I live in Freddy! I can't believe we still have no snow on the ground!! Sleds are prepped and ready to go.
  4. Ill be driving a Super Late Model next summer. We race primarily on ~1/3 mile paved ovals. Yes there is a bit of motor work. There is a awesome Honda cam in the bike, but its not available to the public, they just supply their teams with them. There is also some valve work and the compression is raised, but it can still run on pump gas. The bike has amazing throttle response, it's very well tuned. The suspension also has much more then just a revalve and respring. I actually had a guy come look at the bike the other day, took it for a ride, offered me $6000. He went to the bank but couldn't get the funds I guess and called me today and backed out. The bike was originally purchased for 14K new from TLD.
  5. Gahan

    What is this part??????????/

    100% its the idle adjustment.
  6. Gahan

    %$$# trashed my shoei!

    So it's not usable again?
  7. I bought this bike this spring and have had the joy of riding it all summer. It's a 2006. It was built for Troy Lee, by Troy Lee Designs in California. It's an awesome bike and truly helped me become a better rider. Sadly I have to sell it due to the fact that I wont be able to ride it next summer. Car racing seems to be my biggest priority lately, and they also, take lots of money. Iv had an offer of 4800 for the bike, I'm thinking about it. What do you guys think of the bike?
  8. No clue dude, but how does the AWD system work and feel?? I think its so cool.
  9. Whats the harm in it? Dude common it's an amazing video...
  10. Gahan

    Which 2010 450

    They are all so close in size, and they are all awesome bikes. Personally Id pick your favorite one and modify it to fit you from there.
  11. Gahan

    snow bike

    I bought a 2006 MXZ Renegade 800 X Package for $4700 with 700 miles on it. If you look around you can find some nice sleds for reasonable prices.
  12. I have a 06 CRF450 that was built by Troy Lee Designs for Troy Lee him self. Ill try to get pictures up as soon as I find my camera.
  13. Gahan

    snow bike

    About the same as a nice sled.
  14. Gahan

    Try to scrub the 230

    Don't underestimate us Canadians.