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  1. highmarker

    Some wheel advice/opinion

    If you had to press em in your probably ok with your loctite? your call though
  2. open bikes were the worst, lost bolts cracked mounts, cracked pipes, levers would get loose in the perches, kill switches shake apart etc. Don't miss em one bit.
  3. highmarker

    Spending the summer in Seattle area. Bring the bikes?

    Just don't brag that your a AA rider from Ohio, the last guy puked from exhaustion. Find yourself here without a bike, many of us might have an extra to put you on.
  4. highmarker

    New Yamaha two strokes 2019!

    deleted? or did the shaft snap off ? : )
  5. highmarker

    New Yamaha two strokes 2019!

    2019 BNG125 and BNG250, BNG250X ?
  6. You get to go talk to the judge, happened to a friend. Was a hassle but he got it excused.
  7. highmarker

    SB5419 – Increased DoL service fees

    starting at page 64, you can see who's getting represented http://leg.wa.gov/LIC/Documents/Session/Lobbyist_Pictorial.pdf
  8. highmarker

    Riding the Cascades: 2 or 4 stroke??

    want one with a gyro that never tips over
  9. highmarker

    Electric starting when cold

    Priming a lithium battery is not the same as pushing the bike fore and aft? only thing I can see is it could move the piston down or past tdc where it has a better run at the compression stroke. You could do that with the kickstart too. Consider, when you kill the motor it cycles till it can't squeeze through tdc again then stops, leaving the piston in a position where it's the hardest for the starter motor to get going again.
  10. are you checking with a gauge while running?
  11. highmarker

    Beta EFI Two Stroke Patent

    Part of off highway FI and emission regs right now is the manufacture can demonstrate it to be tamper proof. The manufacture can set the fueling to "best lean" then lock you out. That, and reducing the oil means more than charge loss at this time. Been that way in the power equipment industry for several years (saw, weed wackers etc) . At full throttle on a stand or dyno, a sdi tpi di snowmobile will spit as much fuel out the exhaust as a well jetted carbed motor.
  12. highmarker

    Specific situation jetting question

    Does it do it when it's fully warmed up and while riding it?
  13. highmarker

    Brake Pedal - Repurposed (hook a toe)

    fwiw, rod in the master cyl isn't attached to the piston, just pushes on it-doesn't pull
  14. highmarker

    Fuel additive question

    eth free 87 would work fine on your 350 on the soft map. Have had good luck with star tron bringing bikes out of storage, but I always drain it and put new fuel in anyway, BEFORE trying to start the bike. A bud works for a fuel distributor, says they buy star tron by the gallon for their own tanks.