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  1. section of wd40 can hose to replace the lost needle, not that anyone has done that ?
  2. make sure you test at a consistent temp, example m16 is fairly soft in the summer but hard in the winter Tires also get harder as they age, checking a used old tire is gonna be harder than new. Sometimes closeout and the sale rack is a false economy if it's not a popular tire with high turnover.
  3. highmarker

    facts on the new CRF250f

    I said stock vs stock because I knew there would someone with a mod 230 jump in and compare to a stock 250. IMO it's crazy to put used real-bike money into any of these price point parts bin entry level bikes. But we love our hobby's and there is satisfaction of making something work better. Stock just bigger forks and increased wheel base is an improvement, rear disc long overdue. Is it worth the added weight? hard to say till riding one. Know guys that still prefer the 200, think the 230 is a porker.
  4. highmarker

    facts on the new CRF250f

    Bet if you ride one back to back, stock vs stock with the 230 you'd be sold.
  5. highmarker

    Red-line for the 500 RR-S?

    Don't beat on it, don't baby it, just ride it like you bought it for.
  6. highmarker

    Tahuya this Saturday

    day ride or camp and ride
  7. you didn't "tighten" the chain to no slack ?
  8. Id like to see the plugs coming out of a stocker, ridden like a exc xcw. Not a sx xc. I run my carbed 300 pretty lean, enough it burns the plating off the pipe about 6" back. Plug looks fine.
  9. I dont disagree. We all knew they would be emission tuned. The 3 i ride with seem to be hanging in there. The only thing curious ive noticed is they smoke different from cold start to end of day.
  10. highmarker

    Anyones wife riding a 18/19' Beta 125 RR-S?

    The crf230f honda will be a 250 fi this year , still aircooled.
  11. I'd be looking at the heat range, nothing fragile or low rpm about a bpr.
  12. highmarker

    Tahuya this Saturday

    Thats ok, were old slow guys
  13. highmarker

    Tahuya this Saturday

    Single track, wait at turns ?
  14. highmarker

    Are people buying 250X's and turning them into YZ's?

    Might be it's cheaper than installing a wide ratio gear box and 18" rear wheel and kickstand?