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  1. Another vote for hairspray and wire. I've never had a problem with this way. Well except my shop smelling like 90's girlfriend for a minute.
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    Good shop air conditioner?

    I have a 600 sq foot shop in the desert of SoCal. I can't recommend a mini split system enough. Something like this is affordable, a handy person can do 90% of the install and then call in a liensed AC person to draw the proper vacuum and charge the system. I have a unit from a company called Gree, it is a heat pump and AC in one and kicks ass. A unit this size heats/cools my 600 sq feet like a champ. https://www.comfortup.com/gree-vir18230-145815-18-000-btu-20-seer-wall-mount-mini-split-air-conditioner-heat-pump-208-230v-15-line-set
  3. So you know you have a problem when you wake up to 35 degree temps and the poor 50 has zero compression until you set it close to the fire and get things warmed up. Then it fires up and runs. LOL So this past weekend was the first desert ride for me and my boys this winter. My youngest, 5 years old, rides a beater PW50 that a buddy gave me. My buddy that gave it to me had a little K&N cone air filter on it that never seemed to fit right but always did the job. Well, this past Easter was our last desert ride and at some point during the 4 day trip the darn air filter came off and I never noticed because it is tucked up behind the side panel so I have no idea if the thing sucked dirt for hours or days but it sucked dirt for sure. It was running for this trip good enough to take out but man it is bad. On to my question. I'm going to buy a complete top end kit to be on the safe side and am wondering what experiences some of you may have with the various Ebay kits such as these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/YAMAHA-PW-50-PW50-QT-50-QT50-Cylinder-Piston-Ring-Gasket-Top-End-Set-Kit-NEW-/201222854652?fits=Model%3APW50&hash=item2ed9d117fc:g:l6cAAOSwj0NUbi2t&vxp=mtr Or if the ones from the places like peewee cycles are of better quality. In all honesty this winter will probably be the last he rides this thing because he is going to take over his older bros crf50 when I move the older one up to a KX65 so I am not looking to spend big bucks on this PW. Just looking for something that is solid and will get us through the rest of this winter. http://www.peeweecycle.com/miniracer-pw50engine.html Thanks all, I appreciate the insight.
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    You know the PW50 needs a top end when......

    I put in a 60cc kit last night. I went cheap and got one off Ebay. It included everything, head, cylinder etc and went together perfect. It starts up and sounds great but it looks like I have a new problem. The petcock, or somewhere along the line to the float bowl is running out of gas so I need to figure that out. Something is restricting the fuel flow but all in all I'm happy with the kit.
  5. Nice one. I am also in the market for a van to build but I'm 100% holding out for a passenger van model. I get emails every day from CL and autotrader nation wide for a 7.3l 99-03 van but haven't found one that is up my alley yet. Some people are asking crazy money for their passenger models, like 20k+ for 12 year old rigs. Nice score dude.
  6. I thank anyone in advance for the help. Ok, I'll try to fit in as much detail as possible on what I've done so far. I have a 1989 GMC C2500 that was my old work truck. It has a 350 with TBI. It has not been in service for a number of years however I have been moving it around my yard at least once a month all this time. When I move it I always drive it around the neighborhood for little bit and generally let it sit and idle for a pretty decent amount of time also. Last time I drove it was three weeks ago and she ran normal, strong. Went to move it yesterday. It started up normal, ran for maybe 20 seconds and died. They way it died sounded to me like an electrical thing, not a lack of fuel. No sputtering, just instant shut off. If I pour fuel into the throttle body it will run and sound normal for a moment until the fuel is burned. Doing this it idles normal sounding then starts sputtering until it dies. I can get one good rev that sounds normal before sputtering out. - I first checked all fuses under the dash on drivers side and even put new ones in the slots labeled INJ A-B and IGN. - I put in a new fuel pump relay, pass side on engine side firewall and checked the fuel pump fuse that is next to the relay. - Fuel filter is not plugged up. I can blow through it as easy as breathing out. - With the fuel filter removed I get a very short dribble of fuel from the line with the key in the ON position and then the flow stops. Turn to the START position and fuel pours out of the line. - I removed the inbound fuel line from the back of the throttle body, routed into a plastic bottle and turned the key to start twice. That filled the bottle half way so it seems I'm getting a decent flow to the throttle body. My understanding is this truck requires somewhere around 12psi however it appears the only way to check the pressure is if the truck is running due to the TBI setup. - Removed the top half of the TBI injector thing, turned the key to start and fuel started filling into the exposed passages but at a rate slower than what I would have expected. The fuel pressure regulator inside the TBI I think looks OK. Honestly not sure what it is supposed to look like but, the spring was hard to compress, the little metal piece that pivots on the diaphragm moved freely and the gasket looked ok. When the fuel pressure regulator is assembled I tried pushing on the opening at the bottom with a screw driver and it didn't seem to move. Again, I'm not sure how this part works. - Touched a 9v battery to the two pins on top of the injectors and can hear them click loud and clear. - My test light registers voltage to one side of the injector wire plugs with the key in the on position. I do not own a noid light at this point. - When trying to start a tiny dribble of fuel comes out the injectors, measured in drops. Very small amount. - When I pour fuel into the throttle body and the truck is running the injectors dribble fuel, a hair more then when trying to start but still a dribble measured in drops. - Tried tapping the injectors while running, no change. - I found this connector (picture below) not plugged into anything, it looks factory for sure, but looking everywhere I can see and feel for going in both from the top and under the truck I can't find what it is supposed to be plugged into. It comes out of the wiring harness on the firewall behind the distributor and based on it's short reach and location whatever it is supposed to plug into seems like it should be very close to the distributor. It is a single female plug of some kind. I also find it possible but not probable that it would simply pop off its connection all by its self because the plug is not broken and the clip on it looks solid. So I'm getting fuel to the throttle body in a unknown but decent amount. I get dribbles from the injectors when trying to start or running but they won't fire normally. I don't know where to go from here and hope someone might be able to help. Thank you again, the picture of the plug:
  7. Update. Just tested with a noid light and the injectors are receiving a proper signal. I'm starting to lean towards the fuel pump but that loose wire connection has me concerned. I'm a cheap bastard and dont want to go through the trouble of dropping the fuel tank and the money for a new pump if that wire is the issue.
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    Wrangler owners

    In the picture it doesn't look like the jeep had a big lift. I know that a lot of people lift their rig, put on the lines that came with the lift and then never think about it again. On mine the brake cables that came with the lift were ok but playing flexing my rig with a forklift a bunch of times showed the front springs can come unseated and the axle will droop more than you think and more than the longer lines can accommodate. Glad you boy is ok and didn't get hurt or crash. It is a scary thought on that scenario.
  9. Boudroux

    Wrangler owners

    That's why I keep two extinguishers in my Jeep
  10. So here is the deal. A friend just gave me a pre-2000 LEM 50 that has been in his shed for a very long time. His son used to race it. I know nothing about the bike and frankly we don't even know the model year or model. It has also been modified. My buddy bored the cylinder and it runs a .60 over blaster piston and Mukini carb and R&D brass pipe. The bike does not have reeds/reed valve. To start I found I have to hold the throttle wide open, not sure if that means anything. I got it running this weekend and holy shit it screams like a raped ape. The carb seems to be jetted perfect, it idles very nice all though a hair high but not bad. Throttle response is crisp and clean and this thing absolutely rips. My boy rode it for an hour or so yesterday and then took a break. I couldn't get it to refire after kicking for what seemed like 20 minutes. Once we got home and I killed some time the bike fired right up. My boy rode in our back yard for another 20-30 minutes and then stopped. Again, I couldn't get it started to save my life. It has something to do with the temperature. I know this because when working on it yesterday there were a couple time where I started it for just a minute, fiddled with it and restarted it a few minutes later. Just to see when it was running I choked it and the bike died so all seems well in the carb. If the bike runs great once started what could cause it to not want to start when up to operating temp? I took off the magneto/stator thing. It looks like a bunch of plates riveted together and from it runs the spark plug wire and kill switch wire. I had it off and inspected the wires closely and all seems well. One of the outer plates is bent on the side opposite of where the magnet is. Considering how great it runs when running I'd like to figure out the problem. Any insight is appreciated. I threw everything out there I can think of so let me know if more info is needed.
  11. I can't get his KFX50 to run and we leave early tomorrow for a 4 day desert trip. It was running like a champ a couple weeks ago when it up and died in the middle of him riding it. I know it has good spark brand new spark plug fresh clean gas carb has been apart 3 times and cleaned and wire run through every jet and hole I can find. Any other hole has been sprayed out with cleaner. gas getting to the float bowl and into the cylinder. This damn thing is so close to starting, you can hear it really want to but still nothing. I'm baffled.
  12. Thats what I originally thought and did drain everything, fresh gas straight from the station with the same results. If I have time tonight after packing everything else I'll pull the jug and see if it can be cleaned up. Thanks again everyone.
  13. Just tested compression. 60psi is way low. Top end time I guess. Bummer little guy will have to share in his big brothers pw50. Thanks guys.
  14. The oil tank is full. Guess it is possible the line or somewhere in the injector is clogged.
  15. It is auto clutch. Great spark on a new plug. Air filter is off for the moment. It is baffling me because it has been running great for over a year. Then it just sputtered out while he was riding.
  16. Forgot to mention. It is a oil injection 50cc two stroke motor. Sorry
  17. Boudroux

    Mountain Bike people... advise me

    Spend more for a higher end model. In my opinion the specks on the bike you linked were crap. DB's are ok however if you are a decent dirtbike rider you will probably outgrown that bike to fast as far as the components go. Look to a higher end build with the discount you can get.
  18. My buddy sold me these and after a few carb cleanings they are running like a champ. My oldest turned 4 a month ago and has been riding a peddle bike no training wheels since he was two. This was his first ever shot at a PW50 with me on the strap to make sure he didn't whiskey throttle himself scared. My two year old on the quad, he has been riding a glide bike since 18 months and has the whole balance, coasting and turning thing down and will probably be on a peddle bike soon so he was all over this quad and was able to navigate the parking lot pretty decent. I turned out the throttle adjustment screw until it held RPM that was walking speed and we manned the strap on him also. It was cool having my father with me for this because I have memories as a kid learning to ride a dirtbike in a school parking lot as a little kid.
  19. I hope she did apologize in front of the class, that is awesome! Great picture too.
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    2012 Film Reel (Mostly MX Shots)

    Nice one. The first clip of the dirt jumps was cool. Thanks for sharing.
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    bringing them up right

    Very cool. I love being in the garage with my kids taching them.
  22. Actually, I didn't really blow it up but I figure without guns, god or government in the title I wouldn't stand a chance getting views. Here is the deal. I picked up a 2003 PW50 from a friend of mine for my oldest son. My friend says it was running just fine when the bike was stored two years ago and I believe him. The only modification to the bike was the oil injection bottle was removed and he put in a plug kit from a company called peewee cycles or something like that. According to my buddy as it sits right is how his son rode it for a couple years. I have removed the carb, pulled all the jets cleaned everything good and reassembled. I have verified there is fuel entering the carb bowl from the tank. The motor has good compression and with a little squirt of carb cleaner it fires up on one kick but dies immediately after. To my limited understanding of carbs it is as if the motor is not drawing fuel from the bowl into the intake even though I can see light through all the jets when the carb is apart and there is absolutely fuel going into the carb from the tank. I'm confident all jets are clear, float is functioning properly etc and the carb has been re installed properly. What other things should I be looking for when it appears the fuel isn't being sucked up by the engine?
  23. The manual talked about the washer in the exhaust but my buddy had that out. His boys were older and experienced before they shelved this little guy. The throttle cable housing on the bars doesn't have any sort of screw stop so I will do the fuel hose in the carb thing, makes perfect sense and is a great idea. thank you
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    I just got a used pw50 running today that sat for a few years. Something else to check is the needle valve thing that the float pushes up and down. Remove the float pin, pull the float out and the needle comes with it. It should have a rubber tip that come to a nice point and not have any tears or be flat where the point should be. Playing with the carb on mine I found it is sensitive to having the right amount of fuel in the bowl and if the needle isn't right it doesn't want to run. I was having similar issues as you describe but a 4th cleaning got it right for me.
  25. Thank you for the replies. I just got back from my old mans where I'm storing it until Xmas. We got it running. Not exactly sure what the problem was however I took the carb apart, cleaned everything again and she fired right up and ran like a champ. We did the exact same thing three time yesterday and it didn't work. Funny how things go sometimes. I'm actually a little surprised how peppy that little bike is. I'm going to have to figure out how to put a throttle stop on it to get him started for sure. . Thanks again everyone!